How Rain Will Affect Cloud Computing! [Funny Video]

Google does allow its users to store data in the cloud. Some people are still not so confident of storing data on the cloud for reasons of control, privacy and mainly offline access. But I am sure that even Google would be stumped by these observations made by Vishwa Bandhu Gupta, a former additional commissioner […]

Access all your Files on DropBox and Google using Otixo

If you use a couple of cloud services, you’ll know the pain of managing files across them. I have some important files stored on my Dropbox account but I even have some documents on Google Docs, now here Otixo comes into the play and helps me in managing those files. To keep it simple, Otixo […]

Apple gets sued by company named “iCloud”

Last week, I wrote about Apple’s new service called iCloud. It was a cloud storage service which Apple users can used to synchronize all their gadgets. But Apple has run into a small bump with the name iCloud. There is another company and it goes by the name “iCloud Communications” and was created in 2005. […]

Apple’s iCloud to Legalize Pirated Music!

Apple has yesterday, announced at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) the new cloud storage service called iCloud. This iCloud service has been anticipated and expected for a while now. With iPod, iPhones and more recently iPads, there may be more than one Apple device which people might use everyday. This raises the need for […]

Apple Beats Google in Race to Launch Cloud Music

Apple and Google might be rivals in the mobile market with iPhone and Android respectively. But now this rivalry is moving online. The battle is over”Cloud Music”  the online music store. Apple has completed the work for an online cloud music storage service and is all set to launch it ahead of Google. Though both […]

All Gmail accounts being restored: Will the cloud lose steam!

We all are fans of cloud computing, because of its simplicity in accessing data anywhere in the world. People were singing praises to the cloud all over until suddenly one morning Gmail deleted emails for about 150,000 accounts. This was because of a bug but people panicked when all their email could not be retrieved. […]

Google explains cloud storage to businesses [Video]

Google has recently become aggressive. Only recently at their Google IO developers conference it mocked Apple’s obsession with control over its products. Now Google Apps is pitching itself aggressively to companies large and small and trying to convince them to switch over to Google Apps to handle their business needs. Google has also launched a […]