Askives – A Search Engine to Get Straight Answers!

Most search engines spew out results in the form of links to other pages which they have indexed. The results depend on the keywords used to search for information. For example if you are searching for who directed a famous movie, chances are we come across a Wikipedia or IMDB link for the movie and then get the information, after click on the links.

Askives, gives direct answers to questions asked without just pointing to useful links.


Features of Askives

  • The search engine prefers questions asked in form of How, What, Why, Who and why? These questions are typically like the example : How big is an Acre.
  • The answer is direct – which is the straight answer. It also then shows possible answers along with links.
  • It also has a section of resources and related questions which can help you out a lot if you are trying to look into something deeply.
  • Users can share the answers on Facebook or tweet about it.

I liked the search service for it’s simple way of answering questions and not just pointing to relevant links in form of results. I surely think Askives cannot be another Google, but a browser add-on will be very useful.

Do try out Askives and drop in your comments.

Link: Askives


Gokul June 1, 2011

Million Like .. thanks a lot

Adair June 1, 2011

I have tried one of my favorite question in Askives, it will displaying the same answer what other search engine will do.