Useful CSS Tip for Beginners – Set Internal Spacing For <ul> <li>

For <ul> <li> we need to adjust spacing between the bullet and the text. So I write CSS for ul li but when I want to edit those properties, it’s a bit confusing which property is being used and where. In order to explain this I have a small demonstration using below image that will help you understand CSS properties used in the following example.

How To Look Younger Using Soften Skin Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Actions is a series of task that you can save for reuse, it will perform the saved actions on just click of a play button.

In this tutorial I will show you 2 things, first how to use Actions to make the task simpler and second is using action how one can achieve soften skin effect in Photoshop. The following Action uses Gaussian blur to soothe the skin.

FlashGet – Install Free External Download Manager

FlashGet is a leading download manager. It uses MHT(Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) technique, supports various protocols and has exemplary features. It’s a freeware without any adware or spyware. Various FlashGet versions available with different UI and functionalities.

Firefox Extension – How To Open An Image Directly Into Photoshop

There are plenty of Firefox add-on lets talk about Open With Photoshop(extension). To open an image directly into Photoshop one can install this add-on and edit image in your favorite editor i.e. Photoshop. This add-on is compatible with latest version of Firefox.

Chrome SEO – Must Have Chrome Extension for SEO Experts

Everyday you visit a lot of websites, have you ever think of the web site you often visit has some SEO parameters. That will let you know about the Page Rank, Traffic, Pages Indexed, Backlinks, Bookmarks, Search Stats etc of your web page. Does it sound interesting to know more about it? Though there are many extensions to find SEO details but I am going to share the extension which I like the most.

WordPress – Give A New Look To Your Old Admin Dashboard

Many WordPress user may not be comfortable with the old admin User Interface. So lets talk about a WordPress plugin that gives a new look to your admin dashboard. Using this you can release a lot of space from the left of your admin panel. All admin links are available in a clean horizontal drop down menu, you can find it on the top of your WordPress admin panel.

FireShot – Firefox Extension for Screen Capture and Image Annotation

It is worth to create an image rather than writing hundred of words. Several tools are available for screen capture but only few provides Image Annotation. Sometimes it becomes difficult to Annotate Images. To easily Annotate Images or capture screenshot of any web page, entire or visible we can use FireShot which is a Firefox extension.