SeoQuake SEO extension – Must have Firefox SEO Addon for SEO Experts

I use Mozilla Firefox for all of my work due to its great Addon strength and I like these Addons very much as it assist a lot while developing or designing an application. In order to find SEO details Mozilla provides SeoQuake SEO extension which appears on the top of the web page, you can see it in the below image.

Gradient Generator – Online Tool to Generate CSS Gradient Property

I love to use CSS3 properties which is capable of doing enormous things. Lets take an example say border-radius that helped me reducing unwanted structural markup of my HTML file.

On the other hand lets talk about CSS3 Gradient property. I use to skip some CSS3 property like CSS Gradient because it becomes tedious to write its color codes

Top 4 Firefox Addons To Magnify [Zoom] Webpages

Probably a year ago, I had been using Internet Explorer as my default browser, indeed I was not aware of Mozilla’s strength. As it accommodates hundreds of marvelous Addons that one can expect. You just think of an Addon and Mozilla is waiting there to make your task simpler.

Upgrade WordPress to version 3.0.2

The latest WordPress version 3.0.2 is available now, and it is a mandatory security update for all previous WordPress versions. You can download it from the official site. It is advisable to update the latest version immediately. The latest stable release is available in two formats .zip and tar.gz, for more details you can visit the download page.

If you have no idea what to do with the download, you can sign up with one of the web hosting partners that offers a one click install of WordPress or getting a free account on

Chrome Extension To Get Lyrics To A Song On YouTube

It is good to have some music while coding. Bon Jovi is one of my favorite singer. I listen to his songs though I do not understand them thoroughly. Usually I download lyrics from any popular web site which comes first in my way and save it to my computer. When I watch any YouTube music video, I have to find that file in my computer, cascade windows to watch lyrics and to play video simultaneously.

Get Notified When You Receive An Email [Firefox Addon – Web Mail Notifier]

As a web developer I get a lot of emails which might be important. This happens often and it is a little tiresome to check my email, only to find nothing important. This is why like Web Mail Notifier on my Firefox browser.

It might common knowledge to developers but still many of us do not aware of this wonderful Addon. It stay in the status bar and checks your Inbox between specific interval specified by you and notifies you whenever an incoming mail reaches your Inbox.

Trim Your Stylesheet To Lose Some Weight [CSS Usage]

In one of my previous article “Remove all unused CSS selector” I wrote about how one can remove unused selector from his stylesheet using Dust-Me-Selectors, similarly I found an Addon which has few benefit over Dust me selectors. CSS Usage is a Mozilla extension which finds unused selectors and can be exported a new file.

Download All Images From Any Webpage With A Single Click [Firefox Extension – OutWit]

Web designers always come across websites from which he takes inspiration. We also like to take some images from the website often to create something new.

Downloading all images on a particular webpage can be quite tedious. This is where I find OutWit images a great add-on with my Firefox browser.

Get Status Bar Calculator on Your Browser [Firefox Add-on]

Until I found this Addon I had been using Google to make simple calculations or an electronic calculator. I wanted something that integrates with my browser.

Often I am a designer and need to carry out small calculations and this add-on makes my life a lot easier. Yes there is a calculator on every OS but not leaving the browser is a lot more efficient.

A Shortcut To File or Folder From Your Browser [Firefox Extension]

Do you find yourself searching through folder after folder to find a particular file you are working on? You may have many folders on your computer and this can make it tricky to remember exactly where the item you want is located. Even if you know exactly where a folder is, it can be frustrating to find through the same levels of folders over and over to get to the file you want. So it becomes irritating to browse folder or file which is frequently needed. To access those file quickly we can create a shortcut on the browser.