Preview How Your Facebook Profile Looks To Others

I was looking at my friends Facebook profile and suddenly a thought came to my mind that how my profile looks to my friends or others. Can someone view my contact info whom I do not know, I was worried about my profile privacy. Then I asked my friend for his ID and password so that I can check how my profile looks to him.

How Color Plays an Important Role in Web Designing

Lets start with the Color Wheel which is nothing but the spectrum twisted around to make a complete color wheel that shows relationships between primary colors, secondary colors and complementary colors. The color wheel is particularly useful for showing how the colors relate to each other and how you can create new colors by mixing two or more colors.

Syntax Highlighter Compress – Best Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin

When I write post and highlight HTML/CSS or PHP or any other languages, I have to replace tags ‘<' with '<' . It consumes a lot of time to convert. An easy way to implement source code or programming language is to implement a WordPress plugin. WordPress plugin Syntax Highlighter Compress has support for many…

YouTube Feature Enables You To Share Video From Any Point of Time

Sometimes we want to share or send the video that should start playing from certain point of time, avoiding unwanted part of the beginning so that one can enjoy only the important part of it. However YouTube has a newly added feature, it appears when you right-click your mouse button on any YouTube video.

A Web Designer Guide of Top Firefox Addons

A web designer must have following extension for better productivity. It improves ones coding or debugging speed. Many complicated task are solved at a few clicks.
Firefox has a chain of hundreds of Addon, in which I have collected a list of most essential Firefox extension which every Designer must use to boost their productivity.

[Photoshop trick] How To Discard Certain Part of an Image

As you can see the below image, I am going to make the left image look like the image in the right. It looks like a difficult one but not only the Graphic Designer Anyone who knows Photoshop a bit will be able to edit the image as shown below, in just 2-steps.

In below image I am going to discard certain part from the image without affecting its beauty. It’s a simple tutorial you can do it easily.

CSS Trick – Best Way To Preload An Image Without Using Javascript

You might have been observed on many web pages, when you mouse over on any image it disappears for 2-3 seconds and when you mouse over next time it works well, why it happens? The answer is simple the image which is on hover class is not been loaded yet, as a result when you mouse over first time it takes time to load but when you mouse over next time it

Firefox Extension – Now You Can See The Progress Bar Above Each Tab

Here is the Firefox extension that increases tab utillity. Usually progress bar appears in the status bar but this add-on integrates the progress bar above the tab. Progress Bar Tab is a Firefox extension that enables us to watch the progress meter above each tab when a web page is loading