Find Font Details With Just A Single Click [Firefox Extension-Font Finder]

Usually what I do to find font details like font family, font size, its color etc I open Firebug(F12) and start inspecting with it but becomes a bit time consuming, what if we get something that provides font details at just a single click. It can be done with the help of Mozilla extension i.e. Font Finder which provides font details in a pop up window.

How to create a WordPress project in NetBeans

NetBeans is such an awesome IDE that I use it for all my WordPress projects. This tutorial will help you understand how to create WordPress project using NetBeans IDE.

I have downloaded WordPress version 3.0.1 and unzipped it to a new folder in “C:xampphtdocs” directory. I then created a database with xampp server for this demonstration. Check out details on installing WordPress on your PC.
First download NetBeans from its official website.

Split Browser Screen for Comparing Mockups [Firefox Extension-Tile Tab]

I always find it difficult to compare mockups with my website, so I came across a Mozilla Addon which splits the browser in tile pattern. I used to compare the mockup with the original website is to toggle ALT + TAB. Then I found a better solution which can be used with Mozilla Addon called Tile Tabs. There are several ways of doing this but I found Tile Tabs the easiest to use.

How to install WordPress on your PC?

When I started with WordPress I found that it is better to experiment on a local server. The following tutorial will help you installing WordPress on a local server or your home PC. Steps to install WordPress on local server: Install a local server xampp. Download latest WordPress from Extract the files to a […]