Automatically Set Date and Time of Your Android Phone

If you travel a lot or if you are the type of guy who plays with the settings or hack the phone – there are several chances that the time in your phone may go wrong. When you notice them, you won’t find it a big deal but if you forget to change time in your mobile it could lead to some serious disturbance.

People like me, schedule everything in our calender, even timings for study and blogging. It can also end up reminding me to go study at in the morning. ūüėõ

Since it is not easy to set the correct Date and time manually every time, the only way to do it is by changing the date and time to be automatic.

Then it will grab the  information from the network service providers and the headache is solved. Everytime it resets, time will be automatically corrected by Android itself.


There are several Android users who have asked this question time and again about setting the time automatically. Hence I decided to blog about it.

Set Date and Time Automatically

  • Go to Menu -> Settings -> Date and time

  • Select the Automatic option in it. Now android will use the Date and time provided by the Network and it will be surely correct

That’s it ! Done ! It’s so simple but still find a lot of people being stumped by this simple settings tip for date and time for Android phones.


Search and Find Games for Linux Online

Most open-sourced Operating Systems are designed on the Linux kernel. Linux stands shoulder to shoulder with Windows when it comes to performance and User Interface. But it loses out when it comes to software compatibility.

Many such issues are solved by using open source alternatives which are not as good as the paid ones. Hence when it comes to gaming, everyone prefers Windows as it supports a lot of games.

Also, another drawback is we do not find a lot of games that run on Linux. ūüôĀ

Penguspy is a website that really good for looking up free Linux based games online.

Penguspy Features

  • The site is very useful if you are predominantly a Linux user and feel the need to have Windows only for gaming needs.
  • The games are classified into several categories like arcade, action, adventure, puzzle, FPS, RPG, sim, sport etc.
  • You just want to select a category, select the game and you can see it’s trailer, ratings, some reviews and a link to download them.

If you are using Linux, try out Penguspy and do drop in your comments.

Link: Penguspy


5 Funniest Android Apps to Kill Time

Android is rocking with many apps now. You can spice up your phone with any of those apps to make it more friendly or to make it worthy for business, finance, news,  social site and even just a great way pass some time with some fun apps. There are tons of android apps that, in my opinion, are the best time killers ever.

Here is a list of 5 funniest apps that I have used and found a good way to kill some time.

#1. Fat Booth

FatBooth, one of the popular app, helps you to think and visualize how a person would look with a few more pounds packed.

I saw this app on my brother’s iPhone first, and when I got my Android, I found it in there too. It’s a funny app to play pranks on your friends or teachers. Be careful of this app, it can also upset some people. ūüėČ


Link : Fat Booth

#2.Talking Tom Cat

One of the Funniest Android app I have seen. Very very funny, especially for the kids. My kid sister was completely addicted to this app on my phone.

The graphics are great and you can feed the Tom cat with milk, you can hit him or tickle him and also, he will repeat anything  that you tell, in a funnier voice. The app is enough to kill a lot of time and to give birth to a lot of fun! It works great with touch screen.


Link: Talking Tomcat

#3. Google Goggles

Actually, not exactly a funny app and has productive functions. You can take pictures of a logo, monuments, paintings, books or etc and search them. The goggles will tell you what they are, and it can even fetch the contact details from a business card. It is really funny to take images and search them and to get the correct result ( most of all time :-)). A great way to kill time.

Link: Google Goggles

#4. lab

This is the app of the famous site called and one of my favorite Android app. This app helps you to choose a photo from your gallery and to transform it into several ways – I can add thrilling effects to it, make collages, give fascinating frames, making yourself a celebrity or even turning the picture into an Avatar (Like those movie character) or a zombie.
Their face¬†recognition¬†technology is great and works perfectly. Their photos also keep some of the originality¬†and doesn’t seems to be an artificial. That’s why I love this app!
Link : Lab

#5. Turbo Granny Free

This is a very funny app. It is filled with humor and is really interesting. It has a granny riding a scooter and as you can see, that can lead to a lot of funny moments. I have found this app to be the most fun on Android.
Link : Turbo Granny

These are my picks for the funniest apps on Android. Do you have any more to share, do drop them in your comments.


How to Download YouTube Videos on Android

Many smart-phones do not support flash, but you can view¬†YouTube¬†videos with the help of some apps. The official YouTube app is pre-installed in almost every Android phone. But with this app users can only stream the videos and can not download it. Even if you go directly to¬†YouTube¬†with your browser, you can’t find that option in the mobile version.

Downloading YouTube videos from your android phones is not a hard task. Here is a guide which will help you.

Download YouTube Video on Android

  1. Go to Android Marketplace and search for the app called ‘TubeMate’ and install it.
  2. Install the app. ( Also checkout How to install android apps from any site outside the marketplace )
  3. Now use the app to navigate in YouTube and select the video you want to download.
  4. Once you select it, the page of the video will appear, showing the video info and related videos. Single tap on the video.
  5. Now a menu appears giving 2 options : Download or Watch. Select Download. ūüôā
  6. When You click on download you will be given several resolutions. You can select any resolution you want. You can download it as HD video, normal video or even MP3. 
  7. Clicking it, will download the video to your SD Card.

In this way, you can download YouTube videos in any resolutions with tube mate. I haven’t found any better alternatives¬†for it. Remember that, the TubeMate will only support the resolutions that the video has on YouTube. You can’t download a low quality video as HD.

I hope this post was useful for you. Do Drop comments ! ūüôā


Install Apps from any Site Outside the Android Market

image-android-logoThere are a lot of apps for Android users which can spice up your android phone. They are freely available on the Android Marketplace for Apps. It’s easy to download and install any app via Android Market.

Android allows apps to be installed via marketplace only due to security issues and malware problems. But there are many software that are not available in the market, several customized applications, apps created by your friends etc.

You may face problems installing them. Here, in this simple tutorial, I will guide you how to install any apps from any site to your Android phone.

Follow me

  • Download/Copy ¬†to your SD Card, ¬†the app installer from the site you want (it must have a “.apk” extension¬†)
  • Now Navigate to Home -> Settings.

  • In the settings menu, select Applications

  • In the application menu, you can see the option named ‘Unknown Sources’. Tap on it.

In the box that appear, Select “OK”.

  • Now select the app .apk file and tap on it

  • Select install and it will be done!

Now the app have been installed on your phone. If you want to install an app from your computer, simply copy it to your SD Card / mail it to your android phone and carry out the same process to install it. ūüôā

Do drop in your comments.


[Windows Tip] Select Which Applications You Want to Run During Startup!

If you are running a lot of software on your Windows platform, it must be irritating to see some of these software running once the computer is started. Some of them are useful, like Anti-Virus or Firewall applications, but most other applications are useless. I thought that the only way to do it is to uninstall that software, Windows 7 has a nice feature that allows removing some applications form running at start up.

Unselect / Select Applications with msconfig

  • Click on start (the windows icon), in the search column, type in ‘msconfig‘ and select the ‘msconfig’ program that appears.¬†It’s a configuration option that microsoft had made to help users.

  • It will open a new window. If you want to disable all the start up item, you can deselect the ‘Load startup Items‘, in the general -> Selective Startup -> Load startup items ( see the image). I don’t actually recommend it, because there will be several useful startup programs like security softwares and all. So, navigate to the tab ‘Start up

  • Under the startup tab, you can see a list of all the programs that are designed to load at the Startup. You can individually stop these services by unselecting them.

Doing this can help you to stop those irritating startup programs like Gtalk, PC suites etc, which you might not use all the time and hence want it not to run by default every time you start the computer.

If you are using laptop then reducing this load on your computer will see a good increase in your computer’s speed along the battery lasting a lot longer. ūüėČ

Do drop in your comments.


Move Your Android Apps from Phone Memory to SD Card

The apps that you download in your android phone, are stored in the phone memory. Since most mobiles have low phone memory, it can store fewer apps. If you have big sized apps, then it could fill up the memory and consequently slows down your phone.

Whenever you install an app, move it to your SD card from your phone memory. I have added some screenshots for it, so that you can easily understand it.

Note : This can be done in android devices with a version 2.2 (froyo) or above

Steps to move Apps from Phone Memory to SD Card

  • Go to Home -> Settings
  • Select the tab applications
  • Select ‘manage applications‘ from the menu.

  • It will show all the applications that you have downloaded.
  • Now from the list given, select the app that you want to move. As an example, I am moving the compass to my SD Card.

  • See, I have selected the compass from the list.
  • Now the ‘manage‘ page of that app will appear. You could see a button called ‘move to SD‘ on the upper right of the screen (see in image).

  • Select that and your app will be transferred into your SD card. So Here, The compass had moved to my SD card.
  • Confirmation: We have to confirm that it was done successfully. To check this, make sure that the ‘Move to SD card‘ is now shown as ‘Move to phone’ and the app that you have moved (Compass) is shown under the ‘On SD card’ tab.

This confirms that it is done. Since the SD Card have much bigger memory than Phone memory, you can add a lot more apps to it. ūüôā

Doing this can significantly cut your phone memory usage and can speed up your device. I strongly recommend you to move your apps to your SD Card.

Do drop in your comments.


[Tutorial] Take Screenshots on Android Phones Without Rooting

Taking screenshots is easy in Windows Mobile and iPhone, but it is complicated when comes to Android. Since Android is being one of the most used mobile platforms but while taking screenshots, it shows the errors. There are several apps to do this, but all apps need your phone to be rooted.

As rooting destroys the manufactures warranty of your phone and many such other issues, lots of people like me, do not root their phone.

Here we will guide to take a screenshot in any android phones without rooting.

Using Android SDK

Screenshot in android phones

  • Now open the file named ddms in it

  • Now in the device list provided, select your device and go to Device -> Screen Capture.¬†Alternatively, you can do this by tapping Ctrl + S¬†together.

Take screen shot in android phones without rooting from windows

  • Now, You will get a screenshot of your android phone in your monitor ūüôā
  • Screenshot Android no rooting

    That’s it ! You got the screenshot ! You can save it, rotate it, copy it. Once you have installed the Android SDK manager, you just want to follow the steps 4 & 5. Since you can directly get it into the computer, it i’s really easy to share or post on blogs tutorials etc.

    Hope this tutorial had helped you.

    Link: Android SDK


    Update Facebook status using Twitter [How-to]

    Facebook and twitter shows great similarities among themselves. They are also the top social networking sites available on the web now. Most of the web entrepreneurs, bloggers, web users and all are using both these services for promotions or growing their community/ connections. May be due to these knowledge, they had come into an ally and they are allowing us to connect both of their services together. Due to this, we can enjoy both these services at the same desk easily. What we want to do is to add a tiny twitter application to our Facebook profile.

    Let us see how we can integrate both these services, through this tutorial.

    Steps :

    1. Sign in to your facebook account
    2. Go to the Twitter application and add the application to your Facebook profile and click the ‘allow’ option, in the window shown
    3. Enter your twitter User name and password and sign in to the twitter
    4. A new page will appear which shows where you can update your twitter status(1), your recent updates(2) and a button showing “allow twitter……”(3)
    5. Click on the “allow twitter to update facebook status” button
    6. A new window will come and select your account and allow the application
    7. It’s all done now.You can check it now.

    So, now enjoy the power of both these services together.

    Do let us know, do you update your Facebook status from Twitter? Or do you use any other technique to update your status from Twitter to Facebook?


    Create your wishlist in Facebook and Earn upto $100

    In a story among the Aesop fables, it narrates that god sent man with the ability to think and to wish. These abilities are the reason for all of his present day success. Wish is the basis of gain. When we wish for anything, there develops an aim and we work hard for it, so that we can achieve victory. So, there’s nothing interesting and useful than wishing.

    Facebook  also knows this and now along with paypal, they are coming with an application, which will allow you to create a wishlist, that you can share with your friends. You will be credited $1 if you join the wishlist.  If  any of your friend join the paypal wishlist through you, you get $1. Likewise, you can earn upto $100. The payments will be sent to our paypal address by 28th February 2010.

    Paypal wishlist earn $100

    So in fact, this application can be called as a 2-in-1 application which allows us to create a wish list and earn some nice cash. This program can be trusted because it is directly from the paypal. If you want a proof, just sign-in to the paypal and you can see the ad of the application on the sidebar. Here is a screenshot –
    paypal wishlist

    What all should you have to join this ?

    What you want is a Valid paypal account and an facebook account. The  countries РIndia, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore or Vietnam can earn upto $100 from the service. You have to create a wishlist and publicize it to your friend. When they too add this application, you will be getting $1. You will be credited $1 for each friedns you refer to thi application.

    You can visit my paypal wishlist and join through me, if you like it.
    Here is the direct link to the paypal application .