Facebook Got Hovercard Feature

Today I noticed quite interesting feature of Facebook. Facebook got Hovercard. Earlier Facebook announced that it is going to add Hovercard feature and finally it’s live. When we hover mouse to our friend’s name, Interesting pages or applications, a small popup will appear which will show that how many of our friends like that page […]

Leaked Documents of Windows 8

Whenever Apple product is going to launch in Market, there are always rumors fake or leaked images before its launch and now it same goes with Microsoft. Recently Microsoft Kitchen blog has leaked few images and documents of Windows 8 which are watermarked as “Microsoft Confidential- released to [email protected]”. The images also give a brief […]

3 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

Before few days I shared 5 Google Chrome extensions for designers. Apart from making designer’s task easy there are few more extensions in Google Chrome which can make developer’s task easy too. With following Google chrome extensions you can make your designing and debugging easy with just a click. Here are 3 useful Google Chrome […]

Roundup of Articles Related to FIFA World Cup 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 craze is on its peek everywhere and it’s same at rtBlogs also. We all just can’t control ourselves to share all important news and useful tools related to FIFA World Cup 2010. This week we all were fanatical to FIFA World Cup and wrote articles about same on all blogs of […]