Leaked Documents of Windows 8

Whenever Apple product is going to launch in Market, there are always rumors fake or leaked images before its launch and now it same goes with Microsoft.

Recently Microsoft Kitchen blog has leaked few images and documents of Windows 8 which are watermarked as “Microsoft Confidential- released to [email protected]”. The images also give a brief about the features of Windows 8.

Here are few features of Windows 8 according to leaked images:

  • Face recognition technique
  • Touch Display
  • Includes Kinnet-like features
  • Automatic shutdown as soon as you move away from your system
  • Easily switch between users, as soon as new user comes in front of camera
  • Supports USB 3 and Bluetooth 3
  • Connect Windows account to Cloud

It seems Microsoft making itself ready for getting into competition with Apple, because the images are titled as “How Apple does it: A virtuous cycle”. But I guess, Microsoft has to cross long distance to get in competition with Apple OS.

Check out the following leaked images of Windows 8:





There is no official announcement from Microsoft that these slides are real nor there is any mention about release date of Windows 8, so until Microsoft don’t announce officially about Windows 8 features and images, enjoy the rumor.

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Images via: MsfKitchen


himanshu June 30, 2010

i think these companies do like this in order create curiosity in users mind for the new launch. this helps them have grip on the market too

jagan July 1, 2010

it all shows that window 8 is gonna be amazing…..!!!

Jenny July 1, 2010

The screenshots look amazing, Hope that microsoft is trying to give even more tough competition to Apple..

jhoiyce July 2, 2010

I dont think microsoft will get better off with this Windows 8.

Rehan July 2, 2010

What a fantastic screenshots. M eagerly waiting for Windows 8..