3 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

Before few days I shared 5 Google Chrome extensions for designers. Apart from making designer’s task easy there are few more extensions in Google Chrome which can make developer’s task easy too. With following Google chrome extensions you can make your designing and debugging easy with just a click.

Here are 3 useful Google Chrome Extensions for Developers:

  • jQquery Shell:

It helps you to run JavaScript and jQuery 1.4.2 commands related to current opened web page. This Google Chrome extension is a good way to experiment and learn jQuery and JavaScript commands.


[ Installation Link ]

  • Pendule:

Pendule is an awesome Google Chrome extension which allows you to use and customize the shortcuts. It is useful for both designer and developers for displaying linked and embedded style sheets of the current page in a new tab.


[ Installation Link ]

Worth Checking out:

  • Chrome Sniffer:

Chrome Sniffer extension is very useful to inspect web framework, CSS and JavaScript. This extension can detect up to 50 popular CMS and JavaScript and expected for more in near future.

Chrome Sniifer

[ Installation Link ]

I am sure all above Google Chrome will increase developer’s productivity while work. If you are aware of more useful Google Chrome extensions for developers, do share with us.


blueshell June 14, 2010

Thanks for sharing the 3 Chrome extensions for developers. They are useful.

Akshay June 16, 2010

chrome sniffer is very useful
nice post

Chandrashekhar June 16, 2010

Nice addons.I am not used these addons before.let me check.
Thanks Ruchi