Now Follow Your Facebook and LinkedIn Friends on Twitter

Twitter is making following our friends and colleagues task easy. Now you can easily follow your friends from Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter will allow you to follow friends who are added on your Facebook account and LinkedIn account with Facebook application and LinkedIn application.

The Facebook application is upgraded and now you can check out the list of your friends and follow them on twitter. When I tried to connect to Facebook application, the list was not available but Facebook is trying to fix up the problem. Hope they fix it soon so that we can enjoy the application easily and follow our friends on Twitter. We will surely update you as soon as Facebook application will get fixed.

Facebook application.jpg

It goes same with LinkedIn application, the application allows you to follow your LinkedIn connections. The LinkedIn application also allows you to save your LinkedIn connections as list and you can also post your tweets to LinkedIn.

Check out:

I am sure everyone would love these applications to follow your friends who are on Facebook and LinkedIn. What you think about this new facility of Twitter?