Blogger$ of the Month-changes again..

Blogger$ of the Month contest is now adopting a new face for the month of December,2009.

Previously we had the format in which we have selected top 3 bloggers for their posts from all the blogs across rtBlogs Network. The total prize money was $150, which was distributed as $75, $50and $25 to the these bloggers as per the ranks in the ratings table.

Whats New ??

For this month onwards we will have individual rating tables for 3 of our blogs namely,

Now win $150 for “Blogger$ of the Month” Awards!!

I am pleased to announce that “Blogger of the Month” is now “Blogger$ of the Month” The cash prize would be now of $150!!! Why Blogger$ of the Month? Well we at Devils Workshop conceived the idea of ‘Blogger of the Month’ few months back to promote the guest authors. The primary goal was to encourage […]

[Result] Blogger of The Month – October 2009

This is a quick post to announce winner of Blogger of The Month contest for October 2009.
“Blogger of The Month” for October 2009
In October 2009, 54 posts were published by guest authors out of a total of 82 posts.
24 posts which are close to half of all the guest posts were written by guest author Sauravjit Singh.

How to switch back to Facebook from Facebook Lite?

I recently came across a post on Devils Workshop on Facebook Lite. As i went through the comments i found out alot of readers are facing problems of auto- login to lite version instead of original facebook version.

It took me a while to get to the root of the problem, as i am not facing this problem and also none of the friends around me 🙁

Here are a few possible solutions that may help:

Speed up your Gmail for Mobile Experience

In April, Google had introduced a new version of Gmail for iPhones and Android-based devices. Today, Google launched some improvements to speed up the Gmail for mobile experience.

Some recent improvements:
1. Faster address auto-completion: As you begin typing the first few letters of a name or email address, Gmail for mobile will display the possible contacts.
2. Keyboard shortcuts enabled for Android-powered devices with a physical keyboard: You can use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to quickly move through your inbox.

Has China blocked social media sites to suppress Tiananmen talks?

Twitter has been blocked in China and officials are looking into the reasons as to why. Internet users in China have reported that not only Twitter, other services like Yahoo’s Flickr photo site, YouTube, Microsoft’s HotMail, etc are also inaccessible. Has the Chinese government purposely blocked social media sites? It is indeed being suspected by […]

Google Wave – Unifying communication on the Web

Google is now giving developers an early preview of Google “Wave”, encouraging them to ride into the future of emails, opening inboxes to richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, social network feeds, and more. Google Wave has been created by the two guys behind Google Maps, along with a small team in Sydney. The concept […]

Digsby: Manage all your IM, Email and Social Network Accounts from one place

Whenever you go online, how much time do you spend to check all of your emails accounts, browse through updates on your social network accounts and then login to your favorite IMs? Well, you can do away with all these mundane steps just by using the Digsby application. Digsby is a software product that helps […]