Why’s no one talking about ‘BADA’?

Yes, I did notice that Samsung Wave 533 runs a BADA operating system and not the much hyped Android. Since I had personally no idea about this new OS – “BADA”, I finally knocked Google and started looking for the differences with Android.


Real-time working of BADA OS

I am presenting a small compilation of thoughts after going through numerous articles and comments on BADA as well as Android.


Display & Interface

Bada is surely the winner over Android here with its TouchWiz UI. The interface is really very smooth and lets you move your widgets and icons easily between the 3 desktop screens, unlike Android which makes it slightly nudging experience.

DW bada2


Multimedia seems so cool with BADA as both its Audio and Video players are user-friendly and equipped with lots of functions while on the other hand Android Audio players is not really a good one to boast about. If we talk about the Wave 533 which has a Super AMOLED display, the video quality is just awesome!

DW bada3

Apps Marketplace

This is where BADA seems to lose against Android which already has the largest number of apps for its devices. However with Developers across the World gaining interest towards BADA App development, it is not far that BADA will be a big competitor to Android in the near future. Moreover unlike Google, Samsung takes pretty good care to keep junk applications out of its marketplace.


DW bada1


One possible reason no one is talking about BADA is because of the big image of Google attached to Android. While Samsung is not basically a Development company, Google is loved by billions of users around the globe. However BADA has basically taken the positive things from Android, iOS as well as HTC Sense, so let’s see how BADA evolves!

Do post your comments and if you are not a geek, then at least post some appreciation 😛

Link: Bada Official Website

5 replies on “Why’s no one talking about ‘BADA’?”

  1. To tell you, people are not talking about BADA coz they dont know it yet. Testing is going on for it and this is the next gen OS for Samsung. Its great in its own way. Exclusive to Samsung 🙂 😛

  2. yeah no one is aware of Bada OS as About Android. But as i able to notice the sales of there wave series Wave 525,533,723 going great.Guess what tomorow i Bought New Samsung Wave 525 for me.And i’m lovin it. 🙂

  3. Google is such a gigantic company compared to samsung’s BADA technology…..but as u have described BADA…it seems to me like it is something…but i don’t think quality product do sell in the market, its actually the name which are sold…but if BADA reallt has potential nothing can stop it to the shake GOOGLE….what say!!!

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