Become Orkut Certified using Status Update Image Hack!

Update: This bug is fixed now. Details are here. I am closing comments to avoid unnecessary comments.

From last few days, many Orkut users are enjoying status update hack which allow you to display images in status update field on your profile. Technically any image can be made used (indirectly) in status update field using methods described here, but orkut medal and donut images are major hit among users and many requested code for same.

Below is screenshot of me being Orkut Certified… 😉

Rahul Bansal - Orkut Profile - Orkut Certified Screenshot

Here is list of famous orkut medals, donuts, flags, etc and their codes, thanks to Rodrigo. (via Orkut Plus)

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Aditya July 2, 2008

Hey, I was going to post the same topic on my site 🙂 , but anyhow, the day when you published the image update, I checked it in the profile of the person who was credited for the finding(dont rem his name). he was usins this orkut certified tag! I was impressed by his creativity and “copied” it to my profile!
Nice work with locations of all other images …

Rahul Bansal July 3, 2008

Thanks buddy…
But the bug is fixed now. Check this 🙁