Check loading speed of multiple websites

Many people have obsessed on the time it takes for a site to load up on the browser. Recently, Google had declared that how fast your website gets loaded will have an impact on SEO or page ranks.

I think when it comes to blogs, speed might not have such an adverse impact but I am sure it got a lot of bloggers wondering how their website performed when compared for speed with others (competitors). šŸ™‚

Which loads Faster is a website that tests loading speed for two different websites from one page itself and compares them.

Features of Which loads Faster

  • The image above showed two websites being tested for loading speed. We used Devils’ Workshop and wpVeda.
  • There are added features or repeating tests and capturing data.
  • Another interesting feature is Race. This allows multiple websites to load up and be tested in a group. The group with fasted loading speeds wins the race. šŸ™‚

Apart from Google looking at loading speed, a site which is slow can finally end up frustrating visitors too. So it would be a nice idea to compare your website for speed against some popular ones.

Do try out Which loads Faster and share with us what are your views on loading speed for websites? Are they any important? Do drop in your comments.

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    1. I am afraid I did not get your question. Using this is quite easy. enter the names of two websites and check their loading time.

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