Exclude a website from real-time search results with Google [Tips]

Yesterday I covered real-time results with Google search. The results shown with real-time are continuous as they are published on the internet. I feel this is great and I can even create Google alerts directly from the search page.

The only issue was if I was searching for a real-time results about a certain event most results would be picked up from Twitter. I did not like that and wished I could exclude Twitter for real-time search results.

How it works!

  • It is quite simple. Just type in your search query and search for it. I searched for “Cricket” and got many results. Most of these results were from Twitter.
  • To exclude search results showing links from Twitter I just had to enter “Cricket -site:twitter.com
  • Immediately the real-time results being shown had tweets omitted as search results.:-)

Extra Tips

  • This trick works even with normal Google search results. This is a great way to search for something and exclude results from popular social networking websites.
  • This tip can also work with Twitter search. For example search for “#India -username” (do not use @username and use only username) and you can get all tweets with India tag but a particular username’s tweets are omitted. Helps to omit spam. 😀

Do try out these tips and if you know a few more do share them through your comments.


Vishal August 28, 2010

Nice tip…there are still lots of tricks on google seach that we dont even know about…its good you bought this up.

Atith August 28, 2010

@ Aditya and DW loyal readers,
After Google Buzz Google is introducing new features some are hidden and some making a big news, we want some more because search master has billions of pages to crawl.