Exclude a website from real-time search results with Google [Tips]

Yesterday I covered real-time results with Google search. The results shown with real-time are continuous as they are published on the internet. I feel this is great and I can even create Google alerts directly from the search page.

The only issue was if I was searching for a real-time results about a certain event most results would be picked up from Twitter. I did not like that and wished I could exclude Twitter for real-time search results.

How it works!

  • It is quite simple. Just type in your search query and search for it. I searched for “Cricket” and got many results. Most of these results were from Twitter.
  • To exclude search results showing links from Twitter I just had to enter “Cricket -site:twitter.com
  • Immediately the real-time results being shown had tweets omitted as search results.:-)

Extra Tips

  • This trick works even with normal Google search results. This is a great way to search for something and exclude results from popular social networking websites.
  • This tip can also work with Twitter search. For example search for “#India -username” (do not use @username and use only username) and you can get all tweets with India tag but a particular username’s tweets are omitted. Helps to omit spam. 😀

Do try out these tips and if you know a few more do share them through your comments.

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  1. @ Aditya and DW loyal readers,
    After Google Buzz Google is introducing new features some are hidden and some making a big news, we want some more because search master has billions of pages to crawl.

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