Blogrollx: Your Platform for Exchanging Blogroll Links

clip_image002Here’s an easy way of giving your blog more visibility and making it stand out a little bit more from the crowd. If you are a blogger, then you might be interested in reading further.

With Blogrollx, you could find and exchange blogroll links with other bloggers. This new service allows you to connect with other bloggers, create partnerships for your mutual advantage, and increase your traffic and subscribers – all for free!

Become a part of the exchange community for Free

Simply sign up and register with Blogrollx. The registration form will ask you to provide your account information, your blog related details, the kind of partners that you are looking for, etc.

Once you do that, you will be able to find and talk to other bloggers looking for exchange partners.


This could increase your chances of getting

  • More exposure
  • Increased traffic
  • More number of number of subscribers

Having said that, I wonder how many bloggers have really signed up on Blogrollx. To get cracking, you would need to first find other bloggers in your niche so that you could then offer exchanges and trade links. It can be a great service if it manages to gain that kind of momentum and popularity.

Link: blogrollx


venkat June 1, 2009

Bloggers may be not in a hurry to join this and exchange links with fellow bloggers is this service trust worhty.

VISHAL June 1, 2009

Thanks for the Great post Swati 🙂