Enable Automatic Sharing of Google+ Posts on Twitter

Sometimes when I post something on Google, I wish there was an automatic way to share it on Twitter. Manage Flitter has a nice tool which allows sharing of Google+ posts on Twitter.

Manage Flitter you might remember from an older post, is a great online tool to clean up your Twitter account. Clean up means, it shows you accounts which do not follow you back, accounts which tweet too much or too little for you to choose and unfollow.


Now with new Manage Flitter’s Plus tool, it allows automatic posting of your Google Plus updates on your Twitter account.

Just link up your Google+ profile ID, sign in with your Twitter credentials and we are all set.

If you want your Twitter followers to check out your Google+ profile with the update, we can even include a link to the original Google+ post.

If you are looking to share your Google+ updates on Twitter automatically, use Manage Flitter Plus. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Manage Flitter Plus