Build your own personal Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is usually a database which stores information on a specific subject. Usually it is used for technical trouble shooting steps and the updating is done by an individual or an assigned team of experts. Microsoft has a knowledge base and usually the articles stored in a knowledge base has separate KB ids.

Alex Personal Knowledge Base is a free software which allows you to create your own personal Knowledge Base on your computer.


Knowledge Base and Wiki

  • The first question you might think of is why use Knowledge Base when you already have easy to use Wikis on the internet. The reason is simple. Knowledge Base has traditionally known to document trouble-shooting steps rather than all information.
  • Lets say for instance you are creating a software. When faced with bugs or errors you can note down the various reasons why things went wrong and you actually have a troubleshooting guide.
  • A lot of companies prefer knowledge base instead of wikis as knowledge base is more defined and controlled rather than online wikis.

Alex Knowledge Base software

Installing the Knowledge Base software is quite easy. It is installed on your computer and can be exported to another computer with the export option.

One of the main examples of Knowledge Base being helpful is Microsoft’ Knowledge Base. If you search for trouble shooting steps on Microsoft website, you will get to see their kb articles. Alex Knowledge Base is not really meant for companies but for personal projects. It could also be used as a pilot Knowledge Base before moving on to a bigger and more sophisticated software.

Download: Alex Knowledge Base


Uttoran Sen November 29, 2009

this knowledge base thing can come handy because i keep forgetting things and can use it as a personal tutorial… thanks for sharing,

Ruchi November 30, 2009

Software far better than wikki. Seems to have useful features , thanks for sharing.