Create reminders to be sent via SMS, Email, Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo

Have you ever had this experiance that you wanted to call someone in the evenings and forgot every evening only to remember in the mornings? I often face this and sometimes I wish when its evening I had something to remind me about that call I have to make. I came across a website which does just that.

Memorari is a nice web site which allows users to set reminders and then send them over SMS, Email, ICQ, MSN, AOL messenger, Jabber and Yahoo chat. 🙂


About Memorari

  • The website’s simplicity is what I liked best. No need so sign-in or register was also something that makes it easy to use.
  • This is not really a meeting scheduler where you can add details, it more like a one line reminder. So this is more useful on reminding yourself about chores or calls which often slip our minds.
  • If you want to remind yourself of an appointment this works great as I can simply send an SMS reminder to myself.
  • I tested the SMS reminder service and was quite impressed with it. It does support a huge list of mobile services from all over the world that is quite impressive.


Sumeet Sahu November 28, 2009

For me it didn’t work! I tried to set up time for 12:15 to my Airtel phone.

There could be a confusion over the time zone used. It is not shown if the time zone is pacific or IST??!!

Any comment??

Aditya Kane November 28, 2009

While I used it, the set up time was IST. I tested it mainly for Email and chat which worked fine and the time was IST. Check if your pc timing is correct.

Uttoran Sen November 29, 2009

its cool, but then i will have to setup another reminder somewhere to check my mobile phone for sms at the time of the sms reminder…

Sanjeev November 30, 2009

Application (Memorari) is looking clean and simple for such kind of reminders, will try it soon for my client calls and other reminders. Thanks Aditya for sharing this info.

Aditya Kane November 30, 2009

@Uttoran: Reminder for reminder, who knows soon there might be niche product for something like it. If I come across something like it will let you know 😉
@Sanjeev: You welcome, happy you will find it useful.