Hangouts for Gmail Users: Smartest Move for Google+

A lot my friends from the blogosphere consider Google+ a flop show. But despite the flop status, it enjoys a very popular service called Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts allows users to video chat with many users at the same time. Hangouts are popular on tablets and even mobile phones. Google has announced that Hangouts for Gmail […]

Online Tool to Automatically Unsubscribe and Delete Email Newsletters

I am most of you have been familiar with a Inbox full of newletters. Newsletters are not necessarily spam but a lot of us sign up for a newsletter from a service and stop using the service for months or even years but the newsletter keep piling on. Swizzle Inbox Manager is a great online […]

Create Disposable Email and Keep Track of Messages via RSS Feeds

The best way to stop spam is not share your email address. This is why people like using temporary or disposable email addresses. We have covered many services that allow creating temporary or disposable email addresses. Such services are ideal if you want to sign up anonymously to a forum or even if you want […]

3 Free Online Tools to Check if an Email Address Actually Exists

From all the things we share online, be it funny quotes, pictures and files, the most care is taken while we email someone. It is an unspoken rule on the internet that when we expect someone to check something and respond, you email them. Unfortunately, not all email addresses are valid. Also we can get […]