Bypassing Orkuts Image Verification while Sending Images!


Many users of Scrap All Script had problem sending images with script! Problem is if you have image hosted on third-party server orkut turns on image verification (called CAPTCHA) which script can not bypass!

So here are steps to bypass orkuts image verification while sending images…

  1. Save image on your PC first. (If image is located somewhere else online download it to your PC)
  2. Go to any orkut your scrapbook. There is a button add photo beside button post scrap
  3. Click on add photo button their. That will open a wizard to add photo to scrapbook as shown in screenshot below.
  4. Click Browse button and select image from PC.
  5. Next click Upload Picture button.
  6. When uploading is done you will see a URL in scrapbook text box.
  7. Copy the above URL and paste it in Scrap All scripts text area. The image will be sent without any problem.


Also next time while scrapping you can click on link Picasa Web Albums directly as shown in above screenshot to insert images directly from Googles Server. Every image you sent this way is saved online into Picasa Web Albums.

Image verification has gone because your image is hosted on Googles server. Please do not confuse this with breaking of orkut CAPTCHA or breaking of image verification. 🙂


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