Trick to Find All Communities Owned by Any Orkut User!

Yep. Its tricky job to find all communities owned by any orkut users! When you got to any orkut users profile its shows communities joined by that user as well as mutual communities. But there is no direct way of knowing how to find communities owned by orkut users.

So you need to use following trick…

  1. Navigate to any orkut users profile whose communities you want to find
  2. Paste following codes into the address bar and hit enter

Above code will take you to a community search page where you will list of community owned by above user (step 1)

Communities Owned by A Orkut User

Thanks to Arunim and Mr Nobody who discovered this trick. (via Gaurav)

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sandeep April 2, 2009

if u have new trick to find it plz mail me …thanks