Experience 3D with New Google Earth 6

Its new, its fresh and its Google Earth 6, a complete new 3D experience right on your desktop. With Google Earth 6, browse the entire world and feel real with its completely integrated Street view, 3D Trees and 3D Buildings. You can now use Historical imagery in a much easy fashion than Google Earth 5.

Google Street view
Source: Google Blog

New Additions to Google Earth 6 :

  • 3D Street viewing: You can now move across streets as if you are moving through in real. The Pegman view makes it possible to move through the streets right from your desktop. However, the feature is available only for selected places only.

Source: Official website

  • 3D Trees: Google in its yet innovative approach found time to enable over a dozen of trees to be viewed in the 3D mode, supporting the Green movement officially.
  • Historical Imagery: Now its easier to view the historical images of a place through Google Earth 6. Right when you move over a place, the status bar shows the date of the last imagery and clicking over gets you what you are looking for.

You can find the other videos about it here. If you noticed any other feature then do let me know through your comments below.

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