New CEO at Google by April 2011!

Today in a post the current CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt announced that he will step down from his position in April. He will be replaced by Google co-founder Larry Page.

Schmidt has been CEO for over a decade at Google and he has been the managerial face of Google behind the innovative genius of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Schmidt was interviewed by Page and Brin who founded Google as CEO in 2001. Schmidt is 20 years older than both Brin and Page. He had held many technical positions before he became CEO of Google.

What will happen to Eric Schmidt?

Nothing, he will stay on in Google as its Executive Chairman. This will mean he will be concentrating on company deals and acquisitions. I guess we can expect a lot more acquisitions over the next year or so.

Why make a change?

Google recently has posted growth of revenues by 26%. This is good news for Google fans but we all have seen that Google has come out with some muddled projects in the past couple of years. With trying to create a social layer or with flops like Google Wave and Nexus, many might be wondering if Google is now a follower instead of a leader when it comes to innovation.

I guess this led Google to make changes over the next few months so they can get back to making geek look cool all over again. 🙂


Mohul January 21, 2011

nice analysis of this new developement.. Google is gasping for some fresh air in terms of hit products.. maybe sergey and page will make it again!

Aditya Kane January 21, 2011

Only time will tell what this will actually achieve but I guess Google had to make some changes some day or the other.

dass June 3, 2011

hope gonna hav acquisitions. congrats