[New Scam] How many Times your Profile was Viewed!

Once again a new scam hits Facebook and its users. I dont understand where do these scams come from. Well, anyways this one promises you to show how many times your profile has been viewed.

I saw this today while Facebooking ( I think this should be a word now in dictionary! ). One of my friend had published on his Facebook wall that his profile was visited several times. I also wanted to see that so I tried, and as usual I was asked to perform a number of tasks.

On clicking, none of them worked. Moreover the same amount profile visitors is shown. That is everyone had the same number of visits. This is just a waste of time. Facebook developers would be seeing these updates so why not try making one such genuine app. People love to know who visited their profile, how many times it has been viewed etc. Please do listen to us. 🙂

Well, so please don’t click such things until you are sure or you see it here. Share your views with me.

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12 replies on “[New Scam] How many Times your Profile was Viewed!”

      1. there used to be applications which used backdoor methods to retrieve information by using various scripts but as soon as Facebook got a wind of these, you guessed it, they got banned and the users also got kicked out for violation of FB’s TOS.

  1. In the earlier days of orkuting I felt hesitant to visit a lot of profiles for it could tell them as soon as they logged in that I was the recent visitors. And I know There are lot of Slim Shady’s like me so it’s cool to keep that feature excluded..

    1. Yeah we do fall in for it every time 🙁 I guess now is the time for dev to make one such genuine app…

  2. Thanks for the info Himadri. Truly, Facebook is a tool to be used wisely if one doesn’t want to get exposed in various ways. The other thing I find frustrating is that everytime I want to install an application, I have first to invite my contacts to join! So I ‘ve given up…

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