Continue to Watch YouTube Video While Scrolling Comments on Chrome

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on 10 best Chrome extensions for YouTube junkies. I am sure that we all love watching videos on YouTube in full screen. This is fine but very often we need to resize the video to check the comments.

An ideal solution would be to be able to check and write comments on videos while watching it. If you think that is a great idea then Smart Video Enlarger is for you.

YouTube video resized as you scroll

Once we have installed the Chrome extension, try looking up a video. The video will play in full-screen mode as seen in image below.


Notice we can see the scroll bar in the side. Move the scroll-bar down to check out the comments on left on the video.

Once the scroll is moved down we can view the comments along and the video resizes automatically to a smaller size which makes it possible to view comments (See image below).


Additional Tip:

This extension is also very useful to look up and scroll all the way down to the end of the page without losing track of the video. This happens because even if you scroll down completely the video is still displayed continuously.

Do try out Smart Video Enlarger extension on Chrome and drop in your views through your comments.

Link: Smart Video Enlarger