Check if URL is safe with multiple checks within seconds

If you are a net addict then you probably surf and look up hundreds of URLs over a week. Ofcourse many domains are visited regularly and hence you are quite sure about these links from a safety point of view. But it is always a good idea to see if the link you are visiting is safe or not. I had written about Web of Trust addon which can be used with various browsers.

About URL Void

  • URL Void actually looked up a URL you enter and checks if it is clean or infected using Web Of Trust (WOT), McAfee SiteAdvisor, Google Diagnostic and Norton SafeWeb to check it up.
  • URL Void also displays the websites IP Address, IP Country, IP Host and other detections of infections.
  • URL Void also shows us the latest infected websites and also a has sections where it shows the latest attacks caused with URL on its blog.

Personally I would have liked this service to had a add-on or extension instead of it being a place on the net where I had to enter the URL manually. I still like URL Void for its various network of services checking a web url. 😉

Do try out URL Void for a safe internet experience and do let me know if you are aware of better alternatives through your comments.


Pratik June 28, 2010

nice one…was looking for such website since long…earlier i was using but not convincing

Aahna June 28, 2010

Thanks for the information about this…

Mridul June 29, 2010

This is great , Using Macafee adviser makes our browsing experience slow but i think using this we can at least check few links without any hassle


Aguinaldo July 1, 2010

A better alternative on my humble opinion for Firefox is NoScript! [ ], but is very laborious for the average user.

aatif July 1, 2010

nice info ..
i will check this website for sure .

ashwin July 3, 2010

how can we check whether the information we access from a particular link is correct or not?