Create email address where message can be published online

Having your email published online is not really desirable but sometimes that is exactly what you want to do. If I get an interesting email and want to share with with all my friends I send that email to everyone I know. That apart I have a group of friends who I like to exchange cool stuff with. This leads to a lot of cross emailing and sometimes the conversation is lost because not everyone uses “Reply All” 😐

This is where CcEverbody will be very helpful. It allows you to create a email address you can share publicly and keep sending things you like to share with the world to that address.

Once you log into to CcEverybody you can then publish all your emails online. These emails can be viewed with a simple URL and this probably makes it very easy.

About CcEverbody

  • Getting views about something or discussing things over a long period of time where people can simple email in their thoughts or view and they can be published by the person who owns the CcEverybody Inbox.
  • The CcEverybody account is also linked to your normal email so only when you receive an email to your public Inbox do you really need to check up on it. This is useful as you would not want to check a Public Email everyday.
  • It is ideal for someone who wants to not share his email address but allow people to contact him.

This is not really useful as a collaborative tool but rather a more unorganized discussion or even a URL where a bunch of friends share jokes. This can be quite helpful as sometimes forwarded emails can be a little too much to deal with and most times I end up deleting them without reading. This way I might visit the URL and go through the funny jokes and pictures which are so often circulated with Email.

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Try out CcEverybody and do let me know your views and thoughts through your comments? Let me know if you will find it useful?