Top 5 Social Ways of Searching People for Hiring

Have you always wondered if there is a best way to hire people for the job? What is the best way to measure the profile and decide if he/she is fit for the job or not?

HR section of every company goes through the process of Standard Test and Interviews to select the best candidate for the job. A lot of time companies take risk in hiring a person by making odd choices. They are continually experimenting with the type of profiles and learning to find the best way to hire a candidate. But all this is slowly changing due to the online social media. Currently, everyone can express themselves to the world through online social platform like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs.

A research on human psychology has found out that maximum number of people’s online profile matches with that of their real profile, offline. This is a great finding which means that companies can trust on the online profile to judge a person. Therefore, a new way of HR sector is emerging where people are hired through Online search.

Gone are the days when you have to search for the job, the job will find you if you make your online presence strong.  We are already seeing this change, where a person being hired are contacted through their blogs or twitter Id.

Below are the five effective ways of finding people for hiring :

1. LinkedIn Paid Service


LinkedIn is a social networking platform for business professionals. Though it has a very less user base than Facebook and other networking sites, these users are networking for business purpose. Thus it forms a very important part of the business eco-system.

You can create an account for free in LinkedIn. It lets you enter your education and professional records and connect with other personals in your business community. It also has a feature through which your connections in the community can write recommendations in your profile. This provides a more authentic way of adding value to your profile.

The paid service in the LinkedIn allows you to search and view profiles of 55 million professionals. It also allows you to send messages beyond your contact, reaching more people. The advance search of LinkedIn allows you to make a targeted search and get fast result and get a high response rate.

LinkedIn has become a very strong part of the corporate networks and is very influential. Hence, LinkedIn is the best way to find and hire authentic candidates.

2. Orkut Jobs Community and search

Orkut is a social networking platform owned by Google. It has a very large community from countries like India and2 Brazil. One of the strongest feature of Orkut is its community section. There are numerous job related communities in Orkut, and most of the interested folks join one of them.

The Orkut job community allows you to upload resumes and let the potential recruiters find you. The recruiters can search for profiles in the Orkut Job community and contact the candidate through mails or online social exchange. It is a very good way to be noticed by the employer.

A employer can just join these communities and find the suitable candidate.

3. Facebook Jobs Groups and search

Facebook is one of the most popular and top social networking site. It already has around 350 Million users and many groups and communities. Facebook is the right portal to find people and know more about the candidate. Hence it is a best recruiting tool you can have and its free.Facebook Group

Firstly, there are many Job groups in facebook who are sharing information about their job interest. These groups can be useful to find peoples who are searching for jobs or are interested in changing their job.

Facebook’s people search is also a great way to find people with interests in your kind of business. Typing a relevant keywords in the Facebook search will immediately bring you closer result of people with matching profile. You can narrow down your search via location and workplace. This is why social networking sites like facebook can be effectively used to recruit candidate by connecting with them.

4. Buzzom People Search

One of the fundamentals of Hiring is efficient people search. You want to get the right person for the right job. The bestBuzzom People Search way to provide this is by allowing employers to search for people in an efficient way. One of such application that allows you to search for people is buzzom search.

Currently, Buzzom search allows you to search people in Twitter via their bio, location, names and tweets. Name and location search might be less important than the bio search in case of job. Entering a proper keywords in the search will immediately give you the person whose profile matches to your search query.

In Twitter everyone is sharing vital news and professional suggestion. If you search for any professional terms than you are likely to find a person who is passionate about the subject. Hence Twitter is much better in those terms but an efficient search is still required to leverage this. Buzzom is among very few such applications which focuses to bring the best result. It can be a great way to find people and hire them for either job or work.

5. Yahoo and Google Groups

Recruiting through social search is not like the traditional approach where you have the CV and the mark sheets, it is more about communicating and connecting with the candidate to understand and measure their fitness to the job. And all the above are the ways that let you connect to the people. Even before the advent of Facebook and Orkut, the Internet had something called forums and groups where people communicated their ideas. Those groups and forums still exist today.

In order to use Google and Yahoo group effectively, one needs to find a suitable group and join the conversation. This will allows you to find more about the individuals in the group. This way you can always bring the connection in the online forums to offline relationship to an efficient employee.


Social networking has allowed the HR process to be more humane in nature. Though the social approach requires time and patience, it is worthwhile investment. Social search is not typing the keyword and getting the result, it’s about connecting with the result and bringing a worthwhile value into it.

Every system is being influenced by the social networking sites, among them HR is the most affected because the networking platforms have opened a huge potential for people to connect and do online business. HR system can benefit a lot from the new way of hiring people if done efficiently.

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