Chrome Extension to Share Everything on your Favorite Social network

One of the most handy extensions I found on the google app store was Cortex.Cortex is the fastest way to share links, articles, videos, images, music to your friends and family across the web.

Google chrome launched its own app store on 7th Dec and immediately, a lot of developers as well as users started using the various apps provided by it. Most of them can be installed for free on your chrome browser, while some of them have to be bought. One of the most handy extensions I found on the store was Cortex, which launched on 7th Dec itself, and has been designed by young entrepreneur Joey Primiani. It’s an easy to use extension which can be used to share almost everything on your favorite social networks from any webpage.

How Does Cortex Work ?

  • Go to the Cortex website.
  • Install the Cortex extension to your browser by clicking on the ‘Download on Chrome’ link.
  • After download is complete, you will be asked to enter details about your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instapaper accounts.
  • Once you connect to your social network accounts, you are done setting up cortex!
  • Now you have to simply select a text or your favorite image or even a video on any webpage, and click and hold on that particular object for 1 second.
  • The cortex menu will now appear (a pie- menu).
  • Select the social network of your choice where you want to share your content.
  • Your post gets shared on your social network instantly!

Here is a screenshot of how the Cortex Pie Menu looks like on a web page.

Here’s a demo of Cortex:

Do check it out.Its super easy! Post your reviews and comments 🙂

Link: Cortex