Google Promotes Chromebooks on its Most Visited Page!

Promoting a product is very easy for large companies with a lot of money. But this money has to be well spent and well-directed. Sometimes not spending money but simply adding a few links to the web-page most visited by people could also work. Chromebook, the laptop introduced by Google, is being promoted on the Google’s homepage. A page apparently visited over a billion times a day.


What is the impact on Chromeboook?

The impact is an immediate rise in search queries for Chromebook. It has been in the top 10 search trends on Google for the past few hours. Here is a snapshot of Chromebook being ranked 9, for hot searches in USA.


I guess, this could give a nice boost to Chromebooks.

This sort of promotion on Google is not new. If you have visited Google’s homepage on Internet Explorer, you are often shown a link to download Chrome.

What are your views on such strategies to market new products? Do you think it is better and more effective than making advertisements and showing them on TV, which does cost a small fortune? Do drop in your comments.