[Chrome] Store and Sync Tabs and Windows to Use Later!

Using Chrome is a lot of fun, as it is very helpful as far a synchronizing data is concerned. Chrome allows users to easily sync bookmarks, extensions, web apps, saved passwords and more. This is done thanks to your Google ID.

I have used Chrome extension called Sesh, which allows storing tabs and windows on Chrome browser so you can visit them later.

Sesh Extension Features

  • The extension is simple, just install it on your Chrome browser and save any tab or window via the extension (see image below).


  • Later on, when you want to get the saved tab back on, just click on the icon and the saved tab, which then gets restored.
  • This is a better option when you are not sure if you want to bookmark a page but still want to get back to it for a couple of days.

If your Chrome browser is syncing extensions, then all your saved windows and tabs are also available with a another desktop which has Chrome browser synced to your account.

To sync extension, on Chrome browser just click on the wrench icon >> Options >> Personal Stuff >> And click on “Customize” button under “Sync”. This will give you options on choosing what to synchronize.

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Link: Sesh Extension for Chrome