Clean up Twitter Follow List with GrimTweeper


Cleaning up your Twitter follow list can be a tedious and boring task. There are many ways to clean up your Twitter profile so you can keep the timeline of tweets in check.

Most times we end up using Twitter lists so we can catch up tweets from account we really care about, but it is a good idea to curate who you follow from time to time.

GrimTweeper is an online service which shows up your followers one at a time for you to “Kill” or “Keep”. 😉

GrimTweeper Features

  • The idea is pretty simple. Once users login with Twitter credentials, they can look up the people they follow one at a time and decide if they truly want to keep following them.
  • This way users can keep unfollowing every follower who spam their timeline. Sometimes it could be someone who does not tweet at all either.


  • This is not a group unfollow and hence might be useful to take a few seconds before pressing the unfollow button. I also think Grimtweeper is useful if you are following a limited number of people and not really useful if you are following thousands on accounts.
  • I wish there were a few more controls to filter the accounts being shown, which might have made it more efficient.

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Link: GrimTweeper


Siddhartha Sinha June 22, 2011

Nice tool Grimtweeper…

Karthik Prabhu June 22, 2011

I personally feel that is better. It is faster and easier to use. It also allows you to unfollow in bulk. Do give this a try