Insync: Sync Google Docs On All Your Devices

Almost a month ago, I wrote about KumoSync, a software that syncs folders and files from your computer onto Google Docs. This works well to backup files to Google Docs, which in turns acts as cloud storage.

With InSync, one can download all your Google Docs Folders and files onto your computer and sync them on any other computer you have. This includes Windows and Mac OS X while a Linux version is expected soon.


InSync Features

  • Simply visit the InSync website and download the software.
  • Sign-in to your Google credentials into the software. This will open a page on your browser which shows all the files that are being synced from Google Docs to your computer.
  • If you have another computer at work, install InSync software and use the same Google account to show store all the files on the second computer.
  • This way you can use edit documents on either of the 2 computers or even from Google Docs directly and have them perfectly in sync with each other.

Why Not Use DropBox instead?

I love using Dropbox to synchronize documents and photos from one computer to another. Get a new computer, just use Dropbox to all your important files back. But Dropbox does not seem to support Google Docs, and that is where I found InSync a lot more interesting.

Ofcourse the advantage with Dropbox is that it does not tie you down to a Google account.

Do try out InSync and drop in your comments.

Link: InSync

Windows 8 to Allow Login with Windows Live ID

Windows 8 seems to have ringed in a few small changes which will make it truly a great OS, which might take some doing after the very successful Windows 7. One issue that lately has caught a lot of traction, is storing of information on the cloud. For example, I can easily sync my Chrome browser with my Google ID. It can sync my passwords, bookmarks and browsing history, extensions and apps.

This seems to have inspired Microsoft with respect to Windows 8. Users will be able to sign-in to Windows 8; with their Windows Live ID along with User Accounts.

This will now allow users to synchronize from one Windows 8 computer to another settings like Themes, Language preferences, Apps, Web browser history, passwords and more.

Windows 8 will Leverage Sync and Cloud Storage

As Windows 8 will also be running on a lot of tablets, Microsoft expects some sort of synchronize capability along with cloud. Live ID, which is mainly Hotmail account for email can now be leveraged to save and synchronize files and settings.

I use Windows Live ID with Live Mesh to synchronize my blog posts on Live Writer from one computer to another running Windows 7. So with Live Mesh and more importantly SkyDrive, Windows 8 will try to give users the option of synchronized settings and data across all their devices.

Currently with iCloud – Apple has got into the cloud storage business and Google has made the cloud the cornerstone of their strategy with Chromebooks. So this will be wise move by Microsoft.

Here is a video demo of Windows Live ID being used to log-into Windows 8.

What are your views on Live ID being used to log-into Windows 8? I think it’s a great idea. Do drop in your comments.

[Chrome] Store and Sync Tabs and Windows to Use Later!

Using Chrome is a lot of fun, as it is very helpful as far a synchronizing data is concerned. Chrome allows users to easily sync bookmarks, extensions, web apps, saved passwords and more. This is done thanks to your Google ID.

I have used Chrome extension called Sesh, which allows storing tabs and windows on Chrome browser so you can visit them later.

Sesh Extension Features

  • The extension is simple, just install it on your Chrome browser and save any tab or window via the extension (see image below).


  • Later on, when you want to get the saved tab back on, just click on the icon and the saved tab, which then gets restored.
  • This is a better option when you are not sure if you want to bookmark a page but still want to get back to it for a couple of days.

If your Chrome browser is syncing extensions, then all your saved windows and tabs are also available with a another desktop which has Chrome browser synced to your account.

To sync extension, on Chrome browser just click on the wrench icon >> Options >> Personal Stuff >> And click on “Customize” button under “Sync”. This will give you options on choosing what to synchronize.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Sesh Extension for Chrome

Apple’s iCloud to Legalize Pirated Music!

icloud_logoApple has yesterday, announced at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) the new cloud storage service called iCloud. This iCloud service has been anticipated and expected for a while now.

With iPod, iPhones and more recently iPads, there may be more than one Apple device which people might use everyday. This raises the need for having a cloud service that syncs across all devices.

iCloud Features

  • The iCloud service is free with iOS 5. This means if your Apple device runs on iOS 5, then it will have iCloud.
  • The service plans to give storage space of up to 5GB.
  • The interesting part of iTunes Match with iCloud, will be that it will match all the music files you have ripped and make iTunes files which are supposed to be better available for you to use. All this will cost $24.99.
  • This basically means that with iCloud, you can legalize your pirated music content, if you have some of it on your Apple device.
  • This part could get interesting when copyright holders might ask Apple, how they plan to share this revenue with them that they collect with iTunes Match.

But is iCloud really worth all the hype…

I am afraid, that it is not really anything revolutionary and mostly disappointing. Cloud storage, means storing something online and forgetting about it until you need it. I have stored files with Dropbox, and do not check those folders for months, until I decide to back up or store some critical files and photos on it.

iCloud, will only store the files for 30 days, until which you users can download the files and sync their devices. So technically all the files are stored in the device itself and uses cloud only to sync them across different devices.

So maybe iCloud should have actually been called iSync. 😉

What are you views on iCloud? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Apple iCloud

[Software] Backup And Restore Bookmarks in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

Recently, I bought a new netbook and wanted my old Bookmarks transfered to my new netbook’s browsers. I generally use Google Chrome for normal browsing, Internet Explorer for Social Networking and Opera when something goes wrong with the other browsers.

So, here’s a free application which will help you backup all your bookmarks and then restore it to another computer’s browser easily with a click of a button.

Backup Bookmarks is a free application which allows you to backup bookmarks from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera and Firefox. Just download and extract it into a new folder. Now open the application inside the extracted folder and a new window will show up (see screenshot):














Now, You have to choose the Browsers from where you want to backup bookmarks and also select a folder to where the bookmark backup(s) will be saved for later use. Now click on the Backup Button. You can also restore previous bookmarks by following the same steps under the Restore Options and click on Restore Button to restore the bookmarks.

To know more about how this works and how to Backup/restore bookmarks, you can watch this video:

Link: Backup Bookmarks

Backup All Firefox Settings Using FEBE [ Including Firefox Extensions]

You are working in an office and you are told to change your computer. You might have plenty of data on your computer, lets not talk about that but if  you are a Firefox user then I am sure you might have many Firefox Add-ons to your browser. To re-install all the add-ons would you like to maintain a list to keep a count of that. In that case what would you like to do?

You can not only backup the browser but you can use it to sync up multiple Firefox browser, how it can be done?

Lets Firefox do it for you, Firefox has an extension called FEBE, it stands for Firefox Environment Backup Extension. First take a backup it will give you a backup file, now you can restore it on another PC(you must have FEBE on the other PC) this way you can get all those add-ons which were present in your first PC.

Advantage :

  • It is beneficial in case of Firefox crash.
  • Restore all add-ons at one click at different PC.
  • Take a backup copy to restore for later use.
  • You can store backup file online to restore it anytime anywhere.
  • FEBE not only backs up your extension but themes, bookmarks, preferences, passwords, cookies and just about everything else Firefox offers.
  • You can selectively restore only the items you need. For instance, you may just want your bookmarks restored and leave everything else as it was.

How to go about it :

  • Download and install FEBE add-on.
  • Take a backup of your add-ons at just a single click. Several options are available, you can schedule your backup daily or weekly or monthly basis.
  • The backup file is created, you can store it on your computer’s hard drive.
  • To sync up Firefox with another computer you need to install FEBE and restore backup file over there.

Link: FEBE

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Manage your Notes Anywhere using NoteSync

When I started using Windows 7, I was happy about the way Sticky Notes worked for me, though I was still not satisfied about its limited availability in case I am not using my computer. What if I have to use some other PC and I need part of the notes I have saved using Sticky Notes, the answer to this I found while reading an article online about NoteSync.

NoteSync Window

NoteSync, as the name suggests, lets you manage your notes and then sync them to your Google ID under Google Docs. It works using the Adobe Air platform and is a very light application. The software for iPhone, Android and WebOS platforms are currently in their development phase. I started with the beta 1.2.1 version, NoteSync is now available under its Official version 1.0 as well. However you get to use the official version only for a trial period and will have to buy the license (through Adobe) for only US$ 4.99.

How NoteSync can help you more with your work?

  • Take quick notes without being limited by any software/computer.
  • Automatic sync to your Google Docs account every minute or when you wish.
  • Search notes and even the text inside them quickly.
  • Keyboard shortcuts makes working more easier.
  • Connection to Google is HTTPS based and local storage is also encrypted.
  • All your notes can be found under the folder ‘NoteSync’ in Google Docs.

You can still download the 1.1.1 Beta version from the link. If you know of any other such thing let me know through the comments.

Selective Syncing now on Dropbox [Experimental]

Note: Selective Sync is avaliable with Dropbox 1.0 RC version and is quite stable. Read about it here.

Dropbox is set to bring Selective Syncing to its users in the upcoming stable build. Currently this feature is enabled in the latest experimental build only. Most of us are know about this excellent tool to sync files and folders across different computers. To know more about Dropbox, I suggest you to read:

What is Selective Sync?

Earliers builds of dropbox sync all your data uploaded to dropbox folder on one computer to the other computer. Selective sync lets you choose the folders you want to synchronize to your computer. In a way, it provides the users with greater control over what is sync’d from one computer to other. This feature can be useful when you have limited space available on your system where sync’ing is to be done! More about Selective Sync.

How to use Selective Sync?

Currently this feature is only available with the latest experimental build of dropbox. To use the feature, you need to download and install it on your computer where sync’ing is to be done. Download the experimental build for Windows/Mac/Linux.

After the installation, let dropbox index your files/folders and donot pause in between. Now, follow the steps:

  • Right click on dropbox notification icon, and select preferences.
  • Click on advanced tab and click Selective Sync button.

The list of folders in your dropbox folder will appear in a pop-up window. Uncheck the folder that you do not want to sync on your computer. When done, click ok! Unchecked folders will be removed from your hard-drive.

This way, you can simply sync selected folders with your computer. The experimental build has worked fine for me, on Windows xp as well as Linux 10.04. Download and give it a try! Or you can use stable builds of dropbox and wait for Selective Sync to come to the stable build.

Links: Dropbox Experimental build 0.8.64 | Dropbox Stable buildCreate an account.

Happy Sync’ing!

Take notes and store them online

Often when I work online, I need to store some text or write down notes. Sometimes I have a random idea and need to put down some words so I can look them up later and work on a concept.

What I do is write down notes on a Notepad and save the file on my desktop. As I work from different computers, I end up using Dropbox to make the file available on two different computers. This led me to try and look up for a notepad which can be used online and Simple Text does just that.


Simple Text

  • All I needed to do was visit Simple Text website.
  • Sign in with my Google account.
  • Start typing and creating new notes. This note could be saved and accessed using my Google id.
  • Simple Text being available online obviously makes it cross-platform. I find it a great help while writing points while writing a post and then storing them online.

Application Support

Simple Text does work with an Write Room for i-Phone application. Being open source, I think there should be more applications available across various platforms that support Simple Text. Some might say a notepad is not that important or even relevant. But I disagree here. Notepad applications are still relevant especially as a blogger I often feel the need to save or write down a few notes which I can refer to later.

If you are looking to save notes online, try using Simple Text and let me know your opinions through your comments. 🙂

Dropbox: Excellent tool to sync your files across computers


Yesterday I was chatting with Deepak Jain our Senior Editor at rtBlogs and he brought to my notice a excellent tool for syncing your files across different computers. It is quite a handy tool for people who might be working on different computers or have two computers at home and need certain files to be in sync. I find this software quite helpful as I work from different computers at different locations. 😉


  • You need to first register to Dropbox and install it on your computer from the website. The free version allows you to sync a folder upto 2 GB.
  • Once you install Get Dropbox on your computer, you can even choose where you want to put the folder on your computer you want to sync with other computers you use.
  • Once done, you update saved files on one computer and all the folders are updated and saved automatically.
  • If one of the computers is damaged and you cant receive the files, that is fine as you can still retirive the folder from the Get Dropbox website. 🙂


The best part of this software seems that all the computers synced through Dropbox do not need the same Operation System. It works across Mac, Windows and even Linux. Also by visiting the website on a mobile device you could access the folder contents with a mobile.