Insync: Sync Google Docs On All Your Devices

Almost a month ago, I wrote about KumoSync, a software that syncs folders and files from your computer onto Google Docs. This works well to backup files to Google Docs, which in turns acts as cloud storage. With InSync, one can download all your Google Docs Folders and files onto your computer and sync them […]

Windows 8 to Allow Login with Windows Live ID

Windows 8 seems to have ringed in a few small changes which will make it truly a great OS, which might take some doing after the very successful Windows 7. One issue that lately has caught a lot of traction, is storing of information on the cloud. For example, I can easily sync my Chrome […]

[Chrome] Store and Sync Tabs and Windows to Use Later!

Using Chrome is a lot of fun, as it is very helpful as far a synchronizing data is concerned. Chrome allows users to easily sync bookmarks, extensions, web apps, saved passwords and more. This is done thanks to your Google ID. I have used Chrome extension called Sesh, which allows storing tabs and windows on […]

Apple’s iCloud to Legalize Pirated Music!

Apple has yesterday, announced at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) the new cloud storage service called iCloud. This iCloud service has been anticipated and expected for a while now. With iPod, iPhones and more recently iPads, there may be more than one Apple device which people might use everyday. This raises the need for […]

Backup All Firefox Settings Using FEBE [ Including Firefox Extensions]

You are working in an office and you are told to change your computer. You might have plenty of data on your computer, lets not talk about that, If you are a Firefox user then I am sure you might have many Firefox Add-on to your browser, to re-install all the add-ons would you like to maintain a list to keep a count of…

Selective Syncing now on Dropbox [Experimental]

Dropbox is set to bring Selective Syncing to its users in the upcoming stable build. Currently this feature is enabled in the latest experimental build only. Most of us are know about this excellent tool to sync files and folders across different computers. To know more about Dropbox, I suggest you to read:

Dropbox: Excellent tool to sync your files across computers

Yesterday I was chatting with Deepak Jain our Senior Editor at rtBlogs and he brought to my notice a excellent tool for syncing your files across different computers. It is quite a handy tool for people who might be working on different computers or have two computers at home and need certain files to be […]