Click2Map: An easy new way to build your own Google Map

clip_image002Here’s a way to embed Google Maps in your blog / website or simply create your own map mash-ups. Use this application to create, manage and publish online professional maps without any knowledge of programming. You just need to click on a map to drop your markers, and display them on the Internet in just a few mouse clicks


  • Create and manage unlimited number of maps and markers
  • Create groups of markers
  • Use your own marker icons
  • Import data from your existing database
  • Export data
  • Create marker templates
  • Get statistics to analyze how your customers use your maps
  • Create maps for different purposes like displaying
    • Points of interest
    • Wildlife
    • Demographics
    • Properties
    • Shops/stores
    • Market research
    • Travel and tourism, etc

You could customize every element of the map including its:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Fonts
  • Sidebar
  • Colors
  • Driving directions
  • Address finder

You could also add a URL and email to the footer of the map, making your Google Map a more effective lead and traffic generation tool.

Things you might like to do with your maps:

Click here to watch a video to understand better how you could customize your Google Maps with Click2Map.

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