YouTubeSnips: Easy ways to download high definition videos from YouTube

clip_image002We all know that YouTube makes it possible for anyone who could use a computer to post a video that millions of people around the world could watch within a minutes. It covers a wide range of topics and has turned video sharing into one of the most important parts of our Internet culture.

If you are a regular reader of Devils Workshop, you might have read some earlier posts on how to download YouTube videos using different methods. Here is yet another convenient option for you to consider to download high definition videos from YouTube.

YouTubeSnips is a free tool that allows you download the highest definition videos off YouTube. You could also download the video in mobile 3GP format, MP4 format, and FLV format.

You could do this in three different ways:

  • URL Download: By entering the Youtube URL or the URL of any public webpage that contains a YouTube video in the “Get DL Link” on their website.
  • Direct Download: After viewing a video on YouTube, in the URL location box, type snips after youtube, and click enter to download video.

For example, change: to

  • Bookmark downloader: You can make a direct download by bookmarking the site’s downloader

Now download your favorite videos in a simple hassle free way!

Link: YouTube Snips

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rohan May 19, 2009

Good one. Another Best way of doing this is here