Clusty Metasearch Engine – Get more out of every search!

Aren’t we all facing the problem of information overload in web search? Clusty offers a new way for you to search the web. Rather than just focusing on search engine result ranking, Clusty search engine clubs the results into topics, or “clusters” for the convenience of the user. This is a “metasearch” approach and helps in raising the best results to the top and pushing search engine spam to the bottom.



  • Examines several top search engines
  • Combines the results
  • Generates an ordered list based on comparative ranking.
  • Retrieves results from Ask, Open Directory, Gigablast and others. (You could see which search engines returned results for your query by clicking on the “Details” link at the top of the search results list.)

What makes it so different?

Clusty brings an innovative angle on the whole searching process. It displays categories of search results, in addition to the regular ones.

  • It does not deliver millions of search results in one long list.
  • It groups similar results together into clusters so that you could see your search results by topic and easily find what you’re looking for.
  • You don’t have to scroll through pages as the clusters help you find results you may have missed or that were buried deep in the ranked list.

It’s a crowded market Clusty joined. No wonder, they haven’t been able to compete that well with the major players like Google, Yahoo, and, etc., till date.

Link: Clusty