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When an author gets a comment to his post, he gets a notification for it. However, when that comment is held for moderation, the administrator receives an email notification for the same. As per the moderator’s email address saved under the Settings > General tab.On the other hand, the author of the post does not receive any notifications for the comments that have been made on his article. In such  cases the bloggers can use the Comment moderation Plugin that makes comment management easy for the authors.

images (3)Comment Moderation E-mail to Post Author is a new WordPress plugin that enables WordPress to send notification to post author for comment moderation. This way the site administrator does not have to bother about comment moderation. It is useful for collaborative sites where many people post.

This plugin works well on WordPress in both Normal and Multi-site mode. And there is no settings page for this plugin. It will send comment moderation notifications that goes to the author’s e-mail address, not the site moderator address.

How to test if it is working or not:

  • Check your Settings > Discussion settings and make sure that (1) at option  E-mail me whenever at least A comment is held for moderation and (2) at option Before a comment appears at least Comment author must have a previously approved comment are checked.
  • Log out and clear your browser cookies & cache.
  • As an anonymous visitor, post a comment to a post from anyone other than the main site owner.
  • Log back in, verify that comment went into the moderation queue and then ask the author if he received a moderation notification for it.

For more details visit

Link :  Comment Moderation E-mail to Post Author

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2 replies on “Comment Moderation E-mail to Post Author-WordPress Plugin”

  1. I’ve changed your plugin to include the administrator address in bcc, if email author exists:

    if ('' == $user->user_email) {
    $admin_email = get_option('admin_email');
    $message_headers = '';
    } else {
    $admin_email = $user->user_email;
    $message_headers = 'cc:'.get_option('admin_email');

    I hope can help

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