Best Sites To Compare Blogs, Forums, Wikis, CMS, Messengers and more!

If you are hearing term Comparison Matrix for the first time, then it is a analytical way to describe and compare various attributes and characteristics of different items. In simple words, for a particular goal comparison matrix helps you choose best option!

In this post I am sharing list of such comparison matrix sites which I have bookmarked and using from long time…

#1. Weblog Comparison MatrixBlogging SoftwaresWeblogMatrix can be used to compare many self-hosted as well as downloadable blogging software at once. Do not forget to check its search feature if you want to find a solution as per your requirement.

Check one of the hottest comparison – WordPress v/s Blogger.

#2. Forum Comparison MatrixForum SoftwareForumMatrix can be used to compare various forums aka bulletin board softwares. It also have a search feature but most important is its choice wizard feature which I think every comparison matrix site should provide.

Have a look at phpBB v/s bbPress – comparison of two free and open source forum softwares. One of these will be soon used for Devils Workshop forum!

#3. image Wiki SoftwaresWiki Matrix can be used to find best wiki software. In terms of options, it beats all other comparison matrix sites with search option, choice wizard and markup comparison facility.

Check comparison of MediaWiki v/s Midgard-Wiki v/s TikiWiki v/s WackoWiki.

#4. CMS Comparison MatrixCMS Software – There are many CMS (Content Management System) comparison sites but CMS Matrix is the best and only place I use. You can compare more than 850 CMS here. It have a search feature also but no choice wizard interface.

With 850+ CMS there you may find its hard to find best.Try comparison of Drupal, Joomla & Mambo – best 3 free & open-source CMS softwares. Also please share your finding as I am confused between these three CMS from long time.

#image 5. Instant MessengersCompare IM let you compare & search various instant messengers. It also have a search feature.

You can test comparison of Pidgin, Trillian & Miranda or read our review on them.

This is one my most favorite topic so I often write about them in messenger channel.

#Bonus – More Compare Sites…

Let me know if something is missing… šŸ™‚


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