Cover for Android makes your lock screen smarter and contextual

Cover is a brand new lock screen replacement for Android which makes it more useful and intelligent.

Contextual mobile apps have been on rise for quite a sometime now. Google Now has been one of the best things about Android (though it is on iOS now) and then you have Aviate Launcher created by former Google employees.

Cover is a fresh new take on Android lock screen. It replaces it with something more intelligent and contextual.


Cover lets you peek into apps directly from the lock screen. It shows three sets of icons, that keep on changing based on your app usage.

The basic idea here is that, you can just wake your device, slide from the app icon – which you want to open and get the stuff done. So you don’t have to unlock your device, search for the app, launch it.

Cover asks for your Home and Work address when you set it up. It needs this, as it shows different set of apps, if it detects that you’re at Work. It also uses motion detection to know if you’re travelling.

Other handy features include jumping between apps by sliding from top right corner (which you can customise).

Peeking at apps from lock screen works well, i.e. no lag what so ever.

The app is only available on US Play Store, but apparently, you can download the APK and install it – from the link below.

Link: Cover APK

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Ashish January 8, 2014

nice.. thanks for sharing.. giving it a try now…