Create your own Chrome advertisement on YouTube

I have started using Google Chrome pretty much exclusively. I am not a fan of Internet Explorer at all. Also I do not like how the fan on my laptop starts running over time when I start Firefox.

Chrome is light, simple and has a really clean interface to work with.

I was impressed with a particular advertisement from Chrome a while ago. This advertisement simple wrote a part of famous quotes and left it to our minds to work out the rest. Most cases we will think about the right answer.

Here is the video of that advertisement often simple called as “E=”

Create your own Chrome challenge

A great concept, but now YouTube allows you to create your own challenge and share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit the Chrome Fast channel on YouTube and you will have the opportunity to create your own personalized Chrome advertisements.

I created a DW Challenge for our readers at this link. Unfortunately we cannot embed the videos we create from this channel. Hopefully you do crack the challenge. 😉

I think this is a fantastic way for Chrome to create a loyalist base and have them spread the word. Try our Chrome Fast on YouTube and let me know your thoughts through your comments.

Link: Chrome Fast YouTube | DW Challenge