Create mosaic posters using Facebook, Twitter and MySpace friends

I have always found these mosaic posters which are created using other smaller images quite fascinating. I always wanted to create something similar with images taken from my friends on Facebook or Twitter. There were a few web services but none of them were free.

Enter Frintr which allowed me to create images which you can see below from the profile images taken from people I follow on Twitter or from my Facebook friends. πŸ™‚

Features of Frintr

  • Just visit the website and select which social network you want to use to create a mosaic image from your friends. The social networks covered are Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
  • Once you select the social network it will prompt you to sign in with your account credentials.
  • This will start creating a mosaic patterned images from your friends on the network. It is low resolution and hence free.
  • I could also change the image which I wanted rendered in mosaic format. πŸ™‚

I had written about this cool tool which created videos of your Twitter account and usage automatically. Similarly I find Frintr very cool. Go ahead and try it out. Share you mosaic image on Twitter and Facebook and do drop in your comments.