UTweet: Create videos of your Twitter activity

Twitter has taken pretty much a central place for most people to get the word out about their blogs and services they offer. The idea is we follow some interesting people and some people who find your tweets interesting will follow you. This way your Twitter account’s activity keeps on increasing.

UTweet is a website which allows anyone to create a video presentation of any Twitter account.

About UTweet Features

  • Visit the UTweet website and type in your Twitter handle or any keywords you want to create a video of the activity online.
  • A movie like presentation will be streamed with various Tweets and ReTweets regarding the Twitter username along with display pictures being shown stylishly.
  • UTweet saves the Video on your computer and allowed me to share the link to my Twitter followers so they could also see a flashy video of my Twitter activity.
  • UTweet also formats a new icon from your display picture and you can download this icon.

Do try out UTweet, sit back and relax and have a laugh. Do you know of any similar service for Twitter? Do drop in your comments.

Link: UTweet


lissnup May 2, 2010

I want this, but I want control over color, etc.. 🙁

Aditya Kane May 3, 2010

I guess the color can be tweaked with any image editor… 😛

lissnup May 3, 2010

Yeah I wondered about that but the number of frames to edit is putting me off. Guess it’s worth a try, I’ll make a small sample vid and see how it goes.

lissnup May 3, 2010

“UTweet saves the Video on your computer” >> Nope?

Aditya Kane May 3, 2010

It sort of creates a link to share the video by streamed..

lissnup May 3, 2010

Sadly, streamed from link is not the same as saved to my PC, means I can’t edit color as you suggested :\
Back to jquery I go! =]

khalid May 3, 2010

How are you doing? Great job on your blog. It is very informative and to the point.