Create Your Free Manga Avatar Without Any Graphic Software

Nowadays, most of all bloggers and geeks are using their own Manga Avatars with their names, in the social networking and blogging sites. An Avatar gives you a professional Identity, whereas using the ordinary and common avatars provided by that site itself will surely decrease your status. But for designing an Avatar similar to our face, we surely need a stress of 2-3 day in front of the computer.


I wanted an Avatar as I really needed an honorable Id in the blogosphere. I have tried so much for creating one such and had never succeeded in it till I found the site called

This site TOOL is the simplest of all the avatar designing softwares I have ever used. The thing I want to highlight is that the works done with this has so much perfection. Have a look to the avatar which I created for myself, which is looking just like me.There was not even a small difference. See the avatar, I have attached it here.


The site is a flash based site and it makes it much better for user to shape their avatar and to choose from varieties of designs.More than just face, you can also edit the background, Clothes, Costumes (If needed), additional gadgets everything to the avatar! After you have finished the creation of the avatar, just provide them your e-mail address with some information they ask and they will send the  avatar directly to your Inbox.I’m Now using the avatar created with the help of them and no problem happened so far and they hadn’t even asked me to give a credit back to them, For their work.This thing also really impressed me.If you also want to get impressed, just go to faceyourmanga and create you own manga avatar too.


(Image credits: Google Pages – My-tech-blog Club)

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