How to customize your Facebook sidebar

With latest design change in Facebook, you can customize your homepage’s sidebar with your favorite pages and groups or you can even delete default buttons given there. Customizing your sidebar according to your needs will definitely make Facebook easier to use and hence will take less time to visit your favorite pages and groups or other links. Let’s see how you can edit your sidebar.

Follow these steps:

Open your Facebook homepage and see your sidebar as shown here. Leave FAVORITES for now and roll over your mouse to any link given under APPS, GROUPS or PAGES. You will see a pen like mark with every link click that to add it to your Favorites. That will now appear with your FAVORITE links like News Feed, Messages e.t.c. If you can’t see any particular group or page that you want to add to your Favorites, you can click on ‘More’ that will appear when you roll over your mouse where GROUPS and PAGES are written.

Once you have added your Favorite links you can go on your FAVORITES and click on that Pen Mark again and click re-arrange. After that Drag and Drop your links and arrange them according to your usage. You can also remove any particular link except ‘News Feed’ by clicking ‘Remove from Favorites’.

You can remove an application or group from sidebar by clicking the same button and selecting ‘Remove app’ or ‘Leave Group’ respectively. There’s no option for removing pages directly.

This customizing will be helpful for you if you admin some Facebook Pages or Groups as you can see number of Notifications on your page directly on your sidebar without visiting them.

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  1. Do you know how to add the “Pages” tab back to the sidebar? It was there this morning and I think after some FB updates, it was removed. I only have “Favorites,” “Groups,” and “Apps” on my sidebar.

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