Automatically Schedule Tweets at Pre-Assigned Times

Buffer_logoI have used Twitter over the last couple of years. But recently I have become more regular on it. As a blogger I obviously read a lot of interesting stuff online, but I prefer to space my tweets so I do not come across as someone who is spamming.

Usually TweetDeck and HootSuite are good enough to schedule tweets but with these clients I have to select the timings individually.

Hence I really prefer using Bufferapp.

Set up Timings with Buffer

  • Create an account with Buffer and connect your Twitter account to Buffer.
  • Now say you want to post all your tweets in the evening from 6 pm to 8 pm simply select those timings on Buffer.


  • I could also specific different patterns for different times of the day. For instance as I am less likely to check Twitter on Sundays, I made sure no tweets are scheduled for that day.
  • We can also add a Facebook account and have a Chrome extension to schedule posts quickly while browsing through articles.

You can read this article that help you set-up using Buffer while using Google Reader.

A quick reminder while using Buffer is that make sure you select the right time-zone so that tweets are scheduled properly. Buffer does not take your Twitter account’s timings into account.

I have found this a very useful tool to space out what I share on Twitter. I would recommend against scheduling links and tweets on trending topics which ideally should be tweeted out as soon as possible.

What are your views on scheduling Tweets and which tools do you use? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Buffer