Devils Workshop is open for all!

On June 20, 2007 I have created a poll in DWs Orkut Community asking for whether anyone interested in joining DW. I got nice response but delay caused because of following reasons….

  • I do not have formal revenue sharing program.
  • Copyright Problems??

Now Solution to these are…

  • The first payment will be made by DW once it gets into Top 100,000 sites on alexa. Its current rank is 400,000+ (on July 30, 2007 – at the time of writing this). Once we will be in Top 100,000 we will get into formal agreement for revenue sharing and other legal issues.
  • To avoid copyright violation, each new member will get a role of Contributor – Somebody who can write and manage their posts but not publish posts. (More on Roles can be read from here)

Over the time loyal contributor will get promoted to higher privilege roles also may get bonus rewards.

About getting into Top 100,000… I think I can do it alone as writer within 10-12 months but together we can do it in 6 months or less than that! 🙂

FAQ >> What Can you do by joining??

  1. Being part of Devils Workshop, you can write to Devils Workshop blog.
  2. If you are not comfortable with writing, you can still contribute with your other skills like DWs site design and other.
  3. You will surely get revenue share (amount and timings are beyond our prediction as of now).
  4. You will get personal feedback from other Devils Workshop member on your work for continuous improvement.
  5. You will be promoted to higher role in DW if you work really well. That means higher revenue share and higher rights!
  6. Finally if you think you can contribute some other way, let us know!


Does not matter. We are too small to ask for that.

All we expect is our trust on us… 🙂

Terms of Joining:

  1. I will never post steal copyrighted work.
  2. Whenever possible I will give credits to all resources used by me in the post.
  3. I know my MOM reads DW and so I will be careful while writing a post so as to avoid abusive language.
  4. I know the difference between hacking and cracking and will never try to misuse DWs power to abuse someone.
  5. I know this Terms of joining may change over the time and its my responsibility to stay updated with this.

Finally Click here to Register!!!

(If you face any problem while registering please email your desired user name and email id to admin [at] devilsworkshop [dot] org so that we can register you from admin panel)