Install Barron’s GRE Wordlist on your mobile – Wordy & GRE Vocabulary Builders!

If you are a student preparing for GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) then I hope you are familiar with Barron’s GRE word list. Most of you may have purchased How to Prepare for the GRE with CD-ROM (Barron’s How to Prepare for the Gre Graduate Record Examination)(16th Edition).

Even I do have Barron’s book, but due to my tight work schedule and DW (and gals too 😉 I hardly get time for going through wordlists provided in Barron’s book. Moreover I know 3500+ words can not be done overnight. So I decided to look for some application which I can install on my mobile. As of now I have found two kool applications by which I can utilize my all spare time going through these wordlists. Here are my reviews about two offline dictionaries that doesn’t required internet connection!

Requirement: Following are Java applications i.e. jar files so they will work on almost every Java enabled phone.

1. Wordy (Freeware)

This one is my favorite. Really simple interface! Developed by Murali Krishnan.

Only three keys needed to navigate throughout the wordlist.

  • * (star) “ for previous word is list
  • 0 (zero) “ for random word
  • # (hash) “ for next word

Also you can type a word of your choice to get its meaning instantly!

Download Wordy (258 KB) | GetJar Page | Email Murali (to say thanks) 🙂

2. GRE Vocabulary Builders (USD $19.99)

  • It contains Barron’s GRE Word list (4839 words and definitions)
  • It also contains Most Common GRE Word list (1178 words & definitions)
  • 5 Vocabulary builder games help you to learn words & definitions
  • Searching is very fast and list of words is provided as you type.
  • A diary is provided to write short notes.

This is good too in terms of functionality but in terms of interface Wordy wins! Also $19.99 is cost to consider.

Download GRE_Vocabulary_Builder (247 KB) | GetJar Page | Visit Homepage (for buying registration key)


Niel August 15, 2007


I was wondering if you have tried
GREFlash by EDUMID (

It has a built in game as well

Rahul Bansal August 16, 2007

Thanx 4 info Neil!
Wil check and update this post! 🙂

Prabh Singh August 28, 2007

You may also want to try’s Powervocab for GRE

Rahul Bansal August 28, 2007

Thanks Prabh for info.
Will surely check out n update if necessary! 🙂

kemp May 8, 2008

thank u very much; i want to support free programs when i can fund

Rahul Bansal May 8, 2008

Thats so generous of you, kemp… 🙂

JAI MANRAL October 22, 2008

thnx…man 4 the help…i think it will help me out during travelling……..

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

Your welcome buddy…. 🙂
Welcome To Devils Workshop… 😉

deepak November 26, 2008

@ Neil

Hi, i have tried to register edumid s/w, but no one replies from their end.
Can you give me crack key for this.


Rahul Bansal November 26, 2008

Sorry I cant help with cracks n all…

Rahul December 12, 2008

Try which can also helps you a lot in building your vocabulary.

Deepak Jain December 13, 2008

Thanks for your suggestion Rahul 🙂

Rahul Bansal December 16, 2008

Nice one. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

venkat December 26, 2008

hi is there barrons gre antonyms mobile dictionary?

Rahul Bansal December 29, 2008

It might be there. Just Google it! 😉

Mahavir January 10, 2009

There is also one vocabulary builder from mobiSys name Vocabol.. visit or get it download from cost is $10

Rahul Bansal January 15, 2009

Thanks for suggestion. I hope many will find this product useful even though its not free. 🙁

Akash Garg January 16, 2009

Thanks for sharing tis info dude…..but is not opening…..can u tell me how can i get it…..

vikas pallod January 27, 2009

pls send me the gre wordlist installer on mobile

Sagar July 5, 2009

please send me daily vocabulary via sms on mobile phone

dev August 21, 2009

can any1 tell me how to install the barrons wordlist into my phone ….do we need net connection on phone for tat…and do we have to pay up some money for registration????coz ts asking the registration key

Lalthuoisang October 27, 2009

How can i easily get the activation key for vocabol? Do i need to pay the money first? If so how?

MahavirJain January 6, 2010

Hi Lalthuoisang,

You can purchase the activation key for vocabol online. Please visit to purchase the activation key of MnemonicVocabol.

kiran February 13, 2010

dude thanks a a lot i’m very happy>…

snigdha February 23, 2010

i cant install wordlist application on n73………..
can sum one please help me……

Kashish November 13, 2010

heya!!! i want to install barrons gre dictionary on my nokia e63…
how can i install it..pls guide me…

Ankita November 30, 2010

can anybody ther tell me wich is the best dictionary that can be downloaded in mobile phone has barrons wordlist and a good interface to search words and learn them

pratik January 12, 2011

can i install wordlist on nokia 2700c

kamrul March 11, 2011

please tell registration key for fun sms.

aravind June 17, 2011

tnx a lot 🙂

md washim farazi January 30, 2012

I want to get the soft copies of Barron’s 3500 master word-list. How can it I deserve.

aditi February 1, 2012

sir ,i want this barrens wordlist on my mobile….plz send it on my id..!