Difference between Wikileaks and Facebook! [Funny Poster]

As 2010 ended two people were in the news a lot. Jullian Assange because he runs Wikileaks which is publishing information and embarrassing a few corporations and governments.

The other person in the news is Mark Zuckerberg who runs Facebook which through 2010 was accused of leaking our personal information for targeted advertisements.

Recently I came across this poster on polizeros.


The poster makes it quite clear that people and their privacy is a distant second to the privacy of corporations and governments. Whether right or wrong is a different argument, but it seems that for some time Zuckerberg will travel the world over picking up awards and appearing on TV shows, while Assange will travel all over appearing in different courts.

What are your views on privacy, Facebook and Wikileaks? Do drop in your comments.


Brij February 2, 2011

Nice Poster!!!

Themsay February 3, 2011

The fact is clear!

Aditya Kane February 3, 2011

Yes crystal clear.

Satish February 3, 2011

Wikileaks leaks private info of government and corporates for pubic(free)
Facebook leaks private info of public to corporates for money
Who is responsible ? i think ever body knows the answer.
one who makes his own profit by deceiving public this doesn’t heart the Government .The cheating done by the Government to the public,just sharing this information is against law and it is a criminal act.This is ridiculous…

Aditya Kane February 3, 2011

yes Satish, it is ironic.

maroon February 3, 2011

s., it is really nice and funny

Rajeel February 3, 2011

That’s really funny man …. But at the same time, it makes us think … 🙂

The one who fights against injustice is accused as a criminal and the one who sells us as the ‘Man of the year”, great combination :))

Aditya Kane February 3, 2011

Yes Rajeel, its is quite thought provoking. By the way great to see you commenting here.

Ankur February 9, 2011

jullian should be the man of the year … agree???

Aditya Kane February 9, 2011

Yes, I agree. He has had the most impact in the past year or so.

Anonymous December 8, 2011

Yeah, make Julian Person of The Year! And he should also get a Nobel Prize! He deserves it! Maybe the Nobel Prize should be shared between Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Bradley Manning. I think that Bradley Manning should get the Nobel Prize as well because that would make clear that he does NOT belong in jail! If that happens, we’ll see whether the US allows him to leave or whether the US decides not to allow him to leave. (The latter option is something that only Nazi Germany and the People’s Republic of China have ever done, and they each have only done it once.)

Asma January 31, 2012

Yeah… Julian shd be d man f year, its really shocking 2 hear tis, d 1 who s serving ppl 4 free s regarded as criminal and 1 who s sharing our private information has won d prestigous award.. Shocking